August 28, 2014 Patch

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Original post on the Steam Community

Update #1[edit | edit source]

Additions[edit | edit source]

  • NEW: Remappable keys
  • NEW: Majority of work done on prison takeover - an escape method involving knocking out ALL the guards. Needs balancing, so please do let me know how you get on with this, I’m worried it might be too hard/easy in comparison with the other escape methods!
  • NEW: Additional HUD icon appears showing amount of buddies following
  • NEW: Armoured outfits
  • NEW: 3 craftable outfits
  • NEW: Medikits item
  • NEW: inmates can now have weapons
  • NEW: Certain items increase underground light radius
  • NEW: Kitchen job active

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • CHANGE: Equipped weapons are now removed on being sent to infirmary
  • CHANGE: Inmates can be recruited with 80+ OPN
  • CHANGE: Recruited inmates resume following after they've taken down a target
  • CHANGE: Can no longer target buddies following you
  • CHANGE: ‘Pair of Overalls’ item renamed to 'Infirmary Overalls'
  • CHANGE: Guards auto restock outfit/equip on wake
  • CHANGE: Moved crafting, profile, journal, load hotkeys to 7, 8, 9, 0
  • CHANGE: Updated timers on KO and bound NPCs
  • CHANGE: Several lockdown tweaks to account for prison takeover add
  • CHANGE: Medical supplies container locked to all but infirmary staff
  • CHANGE: night patrol guards remove hung sheets if OPN is below 30
  • CHANGE: Updated busted screens

Bugfixes[edit | edit source]

  • BUG: Dropping desk on toilet fixed
  • BUG: Picking desks up from range
  • BUG: Can no longer dig on camera wall blocks
  • BUG: Attempted fix on missing hole graphic after digging (couldn't replicate)
  • BUG: Attempted fix on tower guard seeing digging underground
  • BUG: Fixed tower guard finding hole during saving
  • BUG: Disappearing jobs from job board
  • BUG: Correct bed graphic when taking sheets/pillow off infirmary beds
  • BUG: Attempted fix for stuck in infirmary bed bug (couldn't replicate)
  • BUG: Guards don’t see fallen guards through obstacles
  • BUG: Bald inmate digging grows hair bug fixed
  • BUG: Wake up in SHU with heat fixed
  • BUG: Registers attendance at routine if underground/vents/roof fixed
  • BUG: Some underground lighting layer issues sorted
  • BUG: Can no longer set poster and wall blocks where you stand
  • BUG: Fixed equip/unequip overlap item glitch (This glitch is not completely fixed)

Update #2[edit | edit source]

Bugfixes[edit | edit source]

  • BUG: Stuck in bed/gym bug fixed
  • BUG: Controls wiping after load