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Bed Dummy
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Shhh, I am writing a book: "Bed dummy for dummies"
ItemID: 126
Will be confiscated
Bed Dummy
The Escapists 2 Item
Bed Dummy te2.png
Will be confiscated

The Bed Dummy is a usable item that is placed on the player's bed.


The Bed Dummy can be used to cover an escape at night. Place it in your bed at night and the Guards will not set off a lockdown/send the player to solitary when they see the player's cell empty. To remove it, hold [interact] facing the bed.

Does not work when placed on an NPC's bed (Except The Escapists 2). Can only be placed with a pillow and bed sheet already on the bed. Note when a bed dummy is tucked in a bed, players are not able to sleep on it (however, NPCs can).

Do note that using the Bed Dummy does not entirely protect you - if seen by a guard while outside during Lights Out, you will be sent to solitary/a lockdown will ensue nonetheless. Wear a Guard Outfit, Infirmary Overalls or even a Civilian Outfit (TE2) to prevent this.

The Bed Dummy is a very cheap item, so using it to increase a character's opinion is viable. It increases opinion by 3.


Result As a Component INT
Bed Dummy.png Bed Dummy Bed Sheet.png Bed Sheet x1 + Pillow.png Pillow x2 40


If you want to travel through vents while night, the Fake Vent Cover.png Fake Vent Cover, Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit and Bed Dummy.png Bed Dummy are your top choices.