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Center Perks
Center Perks.png
The easiest prison in The Escapists.
Minimum Security
Very Easy
Inmates 10
Guards 5
Dear (Name). Welcome to Center Perks - the most comfortable low-security prison in the county. On behalf of the staff here we wish you a happy and relaxing visit! Should you get bored of the complimentary cable TV, we pride ourselves in many other engaging activities around the grounds.
~ Warden Bob Ryan on Prison arrival

Center Perks is the first and easiest map present in the game, succeeded by Stalag Flucht.

Center Perks also has it's own unique free time music.

Center Perks Map


The map is labeled as a "very easy" difficulty, featuring an indoor/outdoor prison built in a meadow. It also features "comfortable" versions of basic items.

It holds 10 inmates (yourself included) and has 5 guards.

Each cell holds 1 inmate.

This could be the only prison where the guards are talking nice to the inmates.


8:00 Morning Roll Call
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Free Period
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Work Period
16:00 Exercise Period
17:00 Showers
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Evening Free Time
22:00 Evening Roll Call
23:00 Lights Out (Best Time To escape)


  • Janitor
  • Laundry (Default)
  • Kitchen
  • Mailman
  • Metal Shop

Strategies / Ways To Escape

There are many ways to escape Center Perks, as this is the easiest prison in The Escapists.

Prison Takeover

You will need to work on your strength for this strategy, and get it up to about 90. You will also need a relatively good weapon. A 3/5 weapon such as a Baton would work, but a 5/5 weapon such as Nunchucks would be ideal. A Plated Inmate Outfit would also be ideal, for extra defense. After you have these items, all you have to do is knock out four guards, and have at least four out of the five guards knocked out at the same time. Note that once you knock out your second guard, a prison lockdown will automatically occur. Once you accomplish this, you should get a message from the warden saying the front doors are open. There is a door with a white lock which you can then walk out of, and you will have escaped.


0. Dig underground or access the vent system if you are worried about shakedowns. (OPTIONAL)

  1. Gather 5 Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape or Length of Rope.png Length of Rope so you can tie the guards.
  2. Increase your strength to 80 minimum.
  3. Increase your speed to 40 minimum.
  4. Increase your intellect to 80 minimum.
  5. Craft Nunchucks.png Nunchucks using two pieces ofTimber.png Timber and one Wire.png Wire.
  6. Craft a Plated Inmate Outfit.png Plated Inmate Outfit using an Inmate Outfit.png Inmate Outfit, a Sheet of Metal.png Sheet of Metal and a Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape.
  7. Gather materials that increases peoples opinion such as Cooked Food.png Cooked Food, Penarium Barrel.png Penarium Barrel and a Razor Blade.png Razor Blade, etc.

Fastest Known Escape (Around 3 Minutes)

Click here for a video showing how it is done. If this goes just right, you can escape Center Perks in around 3 minutes.

  1. When your cell is unlocked, search people's desks and find the following items:
    1. File
    2. Plastic Knife (or Second File)
    3. Roll of Duct Tape or Length of Rope
    4. Items that increase opinions (Penarium Barrel, Cooked Food, Playing Cards, etc) (Optional)
  2. Get someone that will follow you to attack somebody. Tie up the knocked out player with duct tape. Carry them to the back door when it is free time.
  3. Run to the fence and drop the tied inmate.
  4. Begin cutting. The instant you start cutting, pick up the tied inmate. If you do it fast enough, the tower won't shoot you. Repeat the process until the fence is down.
  5. The instant the fence is broken, run down. If you are too slow, you'd be put in Solitary.
  6. Escape Center Perks.

The 'Classic' Way

This method to escape is the most basic way to escape Center Perks. An example of this can be found here.

Increasing Your Stats

When doing the following, try not to get spotted by guards. When you see a guard, stop what ever you are doing and walk away until you are out of sight from the guard.

  1. During breakfast, start increasing your strength.
  2. During your free period, start increasing your speed.
  3. During lunch, start increasing your intellect.
  4. During work period, make sure your fatigue is under 30. If it is higher than 30, go to the shower to reduce it, and go do your job.
  5. When finished with all of the above, increase your strength for the rest of the day.
    1. When your strength is at 80 minimum, start increasing your speed for the rest of the day.
    2. When your speed is 60 minimum, start increasing your intellect for the rest of the day.
  6. When evening roll call hits, attend immediately, no matter your fatigue level.
  7. When lights out hit, go save your stats immediately.
  8. Repeat.
  9. When you finally get your stats where they need to be, you must still increase your speed, strength and intellect, as your stats will go down over time when you don't practice. It would be recommended to increase your strength until your fatigue is at 100%, then shower, then increase your speed until your fatigue is at 100%, then shower, than do the same with intellect.

Note: You can use a Cup of Molten Chocolate.png Cup of Molten Chocolate as a replacement to Speed and Strength, but be aware that it will bring the guard's opinion you used it on REALLY low, which means that they will possibly attack you at random and rip down your posters.

You will need

Flimsy Cutters.png Flimsy Cutters (or greater)

Plastic Cell Key.png Plastic Cell Key

Plastic Entrance Key.png Plastic Entrance Key

Bed Dummy.png Bed Dummy

Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit


  1. Craft at least Flimsy Cutters.
  2. Get at least a 3/5 weapon, such as a Baton. (You can look here for the weapons you would need)
  3. Make plastic Cell and Entrance keys
    1. To do this, you will need to craft 2 Wad of Putty, and 2 Molten Plastic. Then knock out the first guard, take his key, craft the Wad of Putty to a key mold, then craft the key mold with the molten plastic. When you craft the plastic key, give the key back to the guard quickly, as you will be sent to solitary if the key is missing when the guard wakes up. Do the same thing you did with the first guard to the third guard.
  4. Obtain a Guard Outfit. You can do this by smuggling one out of the Laundry Job, knocking out a guard and stealing their outfit, or by crafting an Inmate Outfit with a Tub of Bleach to get Infirmary Overalls, and then crafting those with a Jar of Ink to get a Guard Outfit.

The Escape

0. It would be best to save the items you have for the day first in case your escape isn't successful for some reason. (OPTIONAL)

  1. Put the bed dummy on your bed at lights out.
  2. Equip your guard outfit.
  3. Put your keys and cutters in your inventory.
  4. Go to the bottom of the map.
  5. Cut through the fence.
  6. Escape Center Perks.


Item Requirements Intelligence
Flimsy Cutters.png Flimsy Cutters Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape + File.png File x 2 40

Plastic Key:

Item Requirements Intelligence
Molten Plastic.png Molten Plastic Comb.png Comb or Toothbrush.png Toothbrush + Lighter.png Lighter 30
Wad of Putty.png Wad of Putty Tube of Toothpaste.png Tube of Toothpaste + Tub of Talcum Powder.png Tub of Talcum Powder 20
Key Mould.png Key Mold Wad of Putty.png Wad of Putty + Key.gif Key 50
Plastic Cell Key.png Plastic Key Key Mould.png Key Mold + Molten Plastic.png Molten Plastic 80 for red key

70 for all other keys

Bed Dummy:

Item Requirements Intelligence
Bed Dummy.png Bed Dummy Bed Sheet.png Bed Sheet + Pillow.png Pillow x 2 30

Guard Outfit:

Item Requirements Intelligence
Infirmary Overalls.png Infirmary Overalls Inmate Outfit.png Inmate Outfit + Tub of Bleach.png Tub of Bleach 50
Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit Infirmary Overalls.png Infirmary Overalls + Jar of Ink.png Jar of Ink


Raw materials required: Digging the other side of the fence and you can walk freely off the border to escape.

You need: 10 spoons, 5 trowels, or a sturdy shovel, Multitool.

Plastic Key

Raw materials required: Guard Outfit, Tub of Talcum Powder, Tube of Toothpaste, Lighter, Comb or Toothbrush

Item Recipe Intelligence
Molten Plastic.png Molten Plastic Comb.png Comb or Toothbrush.png Toothbrush + Lighter.png Lighter 30
Wad of Putty.png Wad of Putty Tube of Toothpaste.png Tube of Toothpaste + Tub of Talcum Powder.png Tub of Talcum Powder 20
Key Mould.png Key Mold (Color) Wad of Putty.png Wad of Putty + Key.gif Key (Color) 50
Plastic Cell Key.png Plastic Key (Color) Key Mould.png Key Mold (Color) + Molten Plastic.png Molten Plastic 80
  • Obtain an Entrance Key off of a guard and place in the Wad of Putty to make and Entrance Key Mold, make the Plastic Entrance Key and change to your Guard Outfit after evening roll call, slip out the exterior doors to the back right of the prison and then cut through the fence by the timber workshop with some cutters. Walk off the edge of the map to escape. You can also obtain a Staff Key if you feel so inclined and hide inside the locker in the Timber workshop for a little while before attempting to cut through the fence.

Fence Cutter

Raw materials required: Cutting tool, Roll of Duct Tape or Length of Rope. Wait until your first free period.

2. Use a Roll of Duct Tape or Length of Rope to tie the unconscious prisoner up and then pick him up.

3. Bring to eastern fence.

4. Cut fence (Guards can shoot if you have a hostage).

5. Run off and you have escaped.

1. Go to the shower block.

2. Cut a hole in the wall to the little hall using the Multitool.

3. Cover up with poster.

4. Wait for evening roll call.

5. Place Bed Dummy during roll call.

6. When its lights out go to shower and remove poster then, when you've entered place a poster back.

7. Ladder up to roof.

8. Go to east fence.

9. Jump off the pole.

10. Cut fence with the cutters.

11. Escape.

1. Remove the vent above your bed with the screwdriver.

2. During free time, go up into the vents with a chipping tool and put the fake vent cover over the vent

3. Chip away at the first slab and then chip away at the slab in front of the ladder

4. Go back down into your room and wait for Lights Out

5. Place the bed dummy in your bed and go back into the vents

6. Put on the guard outfit

7. Go up the ladder onto the roof

8. Go left and use the rope on the edge of the roof

9. Go left more until you hit the fence, and then cut the fence away

10. Run!

The preparation*

  • The order below is just a suggestion. Do first what you feel fit.
    • As far as I know (Yet to be confirmed), do you not need the guard outfit for the escape. But if you want to be completely sure you're gonna escape, feel free to get one.

1: Chip the wall in your cell to the point where it only need one chipping. (I personally prefer using plastic forks. I chip it down to 4%, so that It only need one more chip from anything to get loose.)

2: Get 2 Bed Sheets.

3: Make a Bed Dummy.

4: Make 2 Wad of Putty. (I recommend keeping one on you at all times, untill you have both keys.)

5: Increase your INT to 80(+) and knock out a lone guard. If the guard carries the Utility Key or the Staff Key, then make a Key Mold, and then make a plastic key.

6: Make a cutting tool. (List of Tools can be found here.)

Escape in one day*

1.Get a file, one roll of duct tape, two pillow and bed sheet.

2.Make flimsy cutters and bed dummy.

3.Make a poster.

4.Make a poster.

5.Chip a wall with plastic fork and place poster.

6.Get Guard outfit from laundry job.

7.Before rollcall place bed dummy.

8.After rollcall go to the poster and take poster the place again.

9.Wear guard outfit.

10.Cut the fence.


The Escape!*

  • Everything but the bed dummy will be needed for the escape.

1: Wait for the lights to go out.

2: Place both the Bed Sheets in front of your bars.

3: Place the Bed Dummy on your bed.

4: Chip the final stage of the wall.

5: Go through the door to your right with the orange lock.

6: Follow the fence; once you've reached the top, go to the middle, where you will find a door with a red lock on it.

7: After passing the door with the red lock on it, cut the fence to the north.

8: Escape to sweet sweet freedom! (And victory)


1: get a tool to chip walls, as well as a red key (molten plastic + key mold) and something to cut the fence.

2: chip away at a wall in the infirmary to the job room . (note guards patrol here on Xbox one, so use a poster or fake wall)


1: at evening roll call place the bed dummy on your bed.

2: go through the wall you chipped and use the red key on the door.

3: use your cutting tool to cut through the fence.

4: escape!

4 Day Escape

You will need:

  1. Any fence cutting materials like a Plastic Knife.png Plastic Knife, File.png File, etc.
  2. Any wall breaking materials like a Plastic Fork.png Plastic Fork, Flimsy Pickaxe.png Flimsy Pickaxe, Multitool.png Multitool, etc.
  3. Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit / Infirmary Overalls.png Infirmary Overalls
  4. Poster.png Poster / Fake Wall Block.png Fake Wall Block (preferably both)
  5. Bed Dummy.png Bed Dummy


  1. Collect knives and forks.
  2. Steal a guard outfit from the Laundry Room. (You can avoid the metal detector by putting it on, walking out, then switching back into your inmate outfit.
  3. Chip through the wall in your cell.
  4. Cover up the chipped wall in your cell with your poster or fake wall block.
  5. Chip the wall towards the back entrance door until it is at 4%.

The Escape:

  1. Put the Bed Dummy on your bed.
  2. At night, switch to your Guard Outfit or Infirmary Overalls
  3. Go to the back and chip the 4% wall when no guards are looking.
  4. Get past the entrance doors.
  5. Place the wall block back from the wall you chipped.
  6. Run to the western fence towards the guard tower.
  7. Cut through the fences.
  8. Escape,

Utility Hall Strategy

You will need:

  1. Plastic Utility Key.png Plastic Utility Key
  2. Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit / Infirmary Overalls.png Infirmary Overalls
  3. Bed Dummy.png Bed Dummy
  4. Any fence cutting materials like a Plastic Knife.png Plastic Knife, File.png File, etc.

The Escape

  1. Get access to the utility room behind your cell.
  2. At lights out put the bed dummy on your bed, and put on a Guard Outfit or Infirmary Overalls.
  3. Go through the utility hall, past the guard barracks and to the right fence.
  4. Cut the fence and escape Center Perks.

0% Heat Escape

  1. Create a bed dummy immediately.
  2. Get 4 plastic knives and forks from the cutlery.
  3. While it's free time, chip away at the lower wall in the lover courtyard until it's at 4%, and avoid guards noticing you. Keep the fork.
  4. Put the knives over to the middle of the right fence during your free time.
  5. When it is night, put the bed dummy in your bed.
  6. Chip away the rest of the wall, and put back the wall block.
  7. Go to the fence and cut through it with the 4 knives you put there. Don't worry about guards, as they won't look there.
  8. Escape and enjoy a new achievement.

Take the Rake

  1. This is recommended for mobile users (iOS and Android).

1. At the start of the game, check your desk and the desks inmates for the tool that will be essential for this method: a rake! 2. With the rake in hand, beat up an isolated guard. Grab their baton and ditch the rake in their pockets. 3. Proceed with knocking out the guards with the baton until a prison takeover has been initiated. 4. Head south and walk through the front doors!

NOTE: If you have done a prison takeover but the purple doors to the south are still locked, simply loot the purple key from the guard that is carrying it. Don’t worry about making a mould, because you will most likely already be free by the time he wakes up.

Xbox One / PS4

The quickest way to escape Center Perks on the console port in just 1 day:

Name guard #4 "Purple Guard." He's the one you need to beat up.

  1. The instant the game begins at 08:00, search through the desks until you find a rake. If you can't find a rake within 30 in-game minutes (before 08:30) return to roll call immediately to avoid triggering lockdown. Stay in roll call for 10 in game minutes. Look for a rake until you find one, but if you can't find a rake before Free Period, proceed to the gym.
  2. Craft a sheet rope with 2 bed sheets.
  3. Grind in the gym until your strength reaches 60+, and your speed is 50+. Stay out of sight of the guards while increasing your stats. Skip your laundry job. Once your strength is 60+ and speed is 50+, beat up Purple Guard. Tie him up and take his Purple Key, outfit, and baton. You will have to tie him up, otherwise he will report his key missing when he wakes up and you will be sent to Solitary Confinement.
  4. Equip the baton. Drop the rake somewhere.
  5. Beat up 4 guards (not in any particular order.) Lockdown will be triggered, enabling you the chance to escape. The warden will let you know after 4 guards have been subdued that the main prison gate is open.
  6. Unlock the Purple Door with your Purple Key and slip through it.
  7. Exit through the main door.
  8. FREEDOM! Enjoy the next level!

Or just:

  1. Get a rake
  2. Beat up all 5 guards
  3. Use the Purple Key in the southern doors
  4. Escape

Another way to escape can be seen here:

1. Bring speed up over 50 and bring Strength up over 50.

2. Craft a Sheet Rope (bed sheet + bed sheet)

3. Craft a Plated Inmate Outfit, with Inmate outfit + Duct tape + Sheet of Metal.

4. Beat up an officer, and take his baton (and his outfit)

5. Once at morning roll call, assuming all steps are followed correctly, equip the baton, attack the first officer in the middle then dodge the other two and proceed to knock them out as well. Loot the guards until you find the one with the Purple Key. Tie him up with the Sheet Rope and take his key.

6. Find the final surviving officer and take him down. A warden's prompt will let you know that the main gates are open.

7. Waltz right out through the Purple Doors, and swagger right through the front door LIKE A BOSS!

8. Enjoy the Next Level!

Life in Center Perks

You always live in the middle row of cells on the 2nd row to the left. 8:00 is morning Roll Call. Failing to go to rollcall will cause a prison lockdown. After Roll Call, you have breakfast, which is a good time to take on favors and buy items. After breakfast is Free Period, which is good to plan your escape or complete favors to get cash. Lunch follows the first free period. Use Lunch the same as breakfast (NOTE:You could always skip out on these, but be careful of being spotted!) Your job follows lunch. If you're unemployed, you can simply take on favors, talk to inmates or try and steal someone's job. You can steal a job by beating the inmate with the job up so they get no work done. If you're starting out you probably have laundry duty (See the jobs section on how to complete it.) Finish your quota and leave. A good tactic to complete your quota is leave items ready to go for tomorrow (Like putting 2 dirty outfits in the washer and leaving them for the next day.) Finish your job and head to the gym for either weights or a treadmill. Weights give you more strength and overall health while treadmills increase speed. If you become too fatigued or its time to go, head next door to the showers to reduce fatigue. After Shower Time, eat dinner just like breakfast and lunch, then enjoy your 3 hour free period. After, go to roll call and go to bed. Repeat until you escape!

Available jobs: Janitor, laundry (default), kitchen, mailman, metalshop


  • This Map, Along with Jingle Cells Are the only maps that dont have the Gardener or Janitor Job as the Default Job.
  • In the mobile edition, the guards will cheer you on if you beat up an immate (presumably, the guards like you alot but are neutral or hate the others), making escapes significantly easier.