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Center Perks 2.0 is one of the maps in The Escapists 2. It is the successor of Precinct 17 and the preceder of Cougar Creek Railroad, making it the first non-tutorial prison the player will set foot on. Center Perks 2.0 is a tribute to the original Center Perks from The Escapists. As it was one of the easiest prisons, it has been remade into its current establishment. With stronger security but a much larger free space, players will find it a little more challenging to escape from Center Perks 2.0 than its predecessor but will have an easier time acquiring the items needed for escape.


Center Perks 2.0 is one of the first prisons played and, like the original Center Perks, embraces the outdoors. It has been completely remade over from the original prison; with new jobs, more floors, more desks and more ways to escape, Center Perks 2.0 is a relatively fresh sight. Areas supporting multiplayer have been added to allocate them to escape as a team.


After a ridiculous amount of escapes and a devastating review from the Inspection committee, the warden of Center Perks decided to rip his beloved prison down and rebuild a more secure version. But as the saying goes, "some people never learn."


Schedule Event
07:00 - 08:00 Rollcall
08:00 - 09:00 Breakfast
09:00 - 12:00 Free Time
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 15:00 Job Time
15:00 - 16:00 Exercise Time
16:00 - 17:00 Shower Time
17:00 - 18:00 Dinner
18:00 - 22:00 Free Time
22:00 - 23:00 Rollcall
23:00 - 07:00 Lights Out


  • Laundry
  • Mail Sorter/Librarian
  • Waste Disposal
  • Metalshop worker

Escape Plans

  • Perimeter Breakout
  • Meet The Crew [SINGLE-PLAYER ONLY]

Ways To Escape

Perimeter Breakout

The Perimeter Breakout in Center Perks 2.0 revolve around the same idea; to breach the outer fence during nighttime. There are different approaches to this method however.

Be aware of the moving spotlights on the ground if you are out during Lights Out. Stepping in them will cause Lockdown, regardless of your Outfit!

(Knocking a guard out and checking their belongings (keys / keycards) will put a symbol above their icons on the map to indicate what type of key they have. This can be done to all guards: so that the player is able to knock out a guard they need!)

(Once you have knocked out a guard, quickly take their key and combine it together with a Wad of Putty in order to create a mould. Put the original key you stole from a guard inside their pockets, or Lockdown will ensue once the guard awakes from the Medic Room! Another way is to take it and drop it in the hallways, you won't get caught, but another inmate might.)

Strategy 1:

(Involves a Plastic Key, but only one tool, which is the Sturdy Cutter.)

  • Get your intellect up to 60.
  • (Recommended) Acquire a good weapon such as Nunchuks and a defence like the Plated Inmate Outfit.
  • (Recommended) Raise your strength to a desirable state, enough so that you can knock out any guard available.
  • Acquire a Molten Plastic and a Wad of Putty.
  • Locate a guard with a Purple Key. (Using the knocked-guard tip above is recommended.)
  • Make a Bed Dummy to put in your bed on the night of the escape.
  • Acquire the Plastic Purple Key. (This can be done by combining the mould you have created from the original key with the Molten Plastic. Remember to put the original key in the guard's pockets. Using Duct Tape or Length of Rope will prevent the guard from being carried off by the medics, which will give you time to clone their key. Do this if you find it difficult to clone the key in a short amount of time!)
  • Acquire a Guard Outfit. (You can steal one from the guard you knocked down for the key.)
  • Acquire a Sturdy Cutter.
  • Attend the evening rollcall. Once you have done it, quickly put the Bed Dummy in your bed. (If you have not done so earlier in the day already.)
  • Grab the Guard Outfit, the Plastic Purple Key and the Sturdy Cutters.
  • Exit your cell, in your Guard Outfit, before Lights Out begins or you will be locked in your cell and will have to sleep through nighttime.
  • Wait until 01:00; this is when the Guard Towers disable and you can cut/dig/chip freely as long as patrolling Guards do not notice. If you do so before 01:00, snipers will shoot you and Lockdown will ensue!
  • Go to the southeast corner of the first floor: where the library is.
  • Exit the building using the Purple Door.
  • Using the Sturdy Cutter, cut the fences across you. Be mindful of any patrolling guards and the spotlights below.
  • You are out of Center Perks 2.0!

Strategy 2:

(Similar to Strategy 1, but no Guards need to be knocked out and THREE tools are mandatory, which are the Screwdriver, Sturdy Pickaxe and the Sturdy Cutter.)


  • Get your intellect up to 60.
  • Get a Sturdy Pickaxe and a Poster.
  • Go to the library on the southeast corner of the prison.
  • Chip through the any part of the wall on the right. Once chipped, cover the hole with the poster. (DO NOT GET CAUGHT BY THE GUARDS WHILE CHIPPING OR LOCKDOWN WILL START!)
  • Acquire a Sturdy Cutter.
  • Acquire a Bed Dummy.
  • Cover the bars of your cell using some Bed Sheets which will grant you some privacy, especially when chipping through the overhead vent.

The Escape:

  • Attend Evening Roll Call, and put the Bed Dummy in the
  • Wait for 01:00, when Guard Towers have been disabled (granting you the ability to dig/cut/chip outside freely as long as no Guard notices you)
  • Unscrew the vent in your cell with the Sturdy Cutter.
  • Go to the Library, where the Poster has been set.
  • Unscrew the Library vent.
  • Exit the main building using the Poster. Remember to put it back once you are outdoors!
  • Cut the fence; being mindful of Guards or the spotlights, and you are out!

Strategy 3:

(A simpler method that allows for a faster escape, although with a slightly higher chance of getting caught.)

The Escape:
  • Attend Evening Rollcall, and insert the Bed Dummy into your cell bed.
  • Grab the Sturdy Cutter and change into the Guard Outfit.
  • Before Evening Rollcall ends, use the hallway that is below the Medic Room. The hallway goes left and at the end of it awaits a Purple Door.
  • Exit through the Purple Door and use the Door above you.
  • Wait until 01:00, when Guard Towers have been disabled.
  • Once you are through, go left and start chipping the fence. Be mindful of any Guards or the spotlight and you are out!

Strategy 4:

(This strategy, in some cases, can be very fast, easy to prepare, and execute with almost no detection.)


  • Purchase a Crowbar.

The Escape:

  • Equip the Crowbar. Go through the purple doors to the west. Proceed downwards and then left into the South West building close to the outer fences. Begin chipping the wall to your left and, once done, walk out to your freedom!

Strategy 5:

  • Go to the guy (Robinson) with the red favor icon and accept his favor.
  • Do everything he says!

Meet The Crew

Meet The Crew is Center Perks 2.0's unique singleplayer escape. This method is fast to act out and does not take much effort to set up. Nighttime is not required: this method can be performed any time of the day!

  • Get to the spot where the camera crew is set (The quarters are situated North on the 2nd floor, to the left of the Job Office).
  • At the Camera Crew Quarters, open the desk and acquire the Civilian Outfit.png Civilian Outfit and the Radio Receiver te2.png Radio Receiver.
  • Acquire a Broom te2.png Broom and Roll of Duct Tape Escapists 2.png Roll of Duct Tape (The Duct Tape may be purchased from another Inmate. The Broom requires luck: try opening desks to find it.)
  • Raise your intellect to 50.
  • Craft the Fake Audio Equipment.png Fake Audio Equipment.
The Escape:
  • Equip the Civilian Outfit.png Civilian Outfit and the Fake Audio Equipment.png Fake Audio Equipment.
  • Head to the Northwestern part of the prison, where the Visitor Area is located. To the left of it is a corridor leading North. Enter the room at the end of the corridor.
  • Escape through the door on the left side of the room. (Be mindful to do this fast as the surveillance camera may rise your Guard Heat rapidly.)

Last Post (Multiplayer Only)

````BE AWARE: The Last Post is a multiplayer method. It's not possible to do this alone! It is possible to get in the room by the vent in a singleplayer game, but even after the crate has been completed, you will not be able to escape.

The Escape
  • Carry the three Crate parts and the Address and go to the Delivery Room (located on the East side of the prison. Bordered by a multiplayer-only door)
  • Construct the Crate using the four objects, in the middle of the room.
  • You will escape once all four objects have been constructed!

ESCAPE METHOD 4: This is the most easy and most useful escape IF you want to use the perimeter escape method. NOTE: This only works on the updated version of The Escapists 2. Older versions/games will not appear.

1: Attend Morning Roll Call.

2: Find Robinson (From the escape of Precinct 17, with the red mission icon.)

3: Choose a quest (Digging, Chipping, Cutting)

4: Follow the instructions on the quest and raise intellect as needed.

5: Escape!


Perimeter Breakout Escape Guide (with Night Escape Tutorial)

Last Post Escape Guide

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There are 24 cells in the map. Each cell is occupied by a single Inmate.