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For the job item in The Escapists, see Unvarnished Chair.

The Chair is an in-game object used to alleviate fatigue. Chairs come in different designs (e.g. a couch), but they function the same way.


By [interacting] with the chair, you are able to sit on it. Sitting on a seat will replenish stamina / relieve fatigue by about 2 points per second. To get off a chair, use the "direction" keys. While someone else is seated on a chair, you cannot sit. However, you can hit a character to get them off the chair.

During Free Time, NPCs will occasionally rest on chairs. At mealtime, Inmates will sit on Food Hall chairs to eat their food.

Certain chairs will trigger certain events:

  • Sitting on a seat at the visitation center during Free Time will summon a visitor. Visitors will say several quotes and leave the prison, but sometimes, they will give you presents in TE2.
  • Sitting on a seat at the Job Office at Job Time while unemployed will call an employment officer (categorized as Maintenance in TE2). The officer will say several quotes, and if you are seated until the end, you will earn 10 money.
  • If you are holding a tray and sit down in a chair in the Food Hall, you will begin eating the food in your tray. This recharges your stamina / decreases your fatigue by about 6 points per second and regenerates your health at an increased rate.



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