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Cheat Engine[1] is a memory scanner/hex editor that allows you to edit memory values, such as lives or money, in a variety of games. There are a handful of ways to cheat in The Escapists with Cheat Engine.


  • The PC version of the game.
  • A copy of Cheat Engine[2]
  • A knowledge of hexadecimal. (A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, F=15)

Before you continue:[]

  • Open Cheat Engine.
  • Click the computer icon in the top left.
  • Find and select 'TheEscapists.exe'.

Simple Cheats[]

Changing Memory Values[]

This applies for most cheats. When I say "scan your health value" or something similar, follow these steps.

  1. Click "First Scan".
  2. Enter the value of the item you want into the search box and press enter. (i.e. 20 fatigue - enter 20. 1000 cash - enter 1000.)
  3. Click "Next Scan".
  4. Change the value in-game.
  5. Search again, using the changed value.
  6. If there is only one result left, continue - otherwise repeat step 4. If no entries remain, try again starting from step 1.
  7. Add the final entry to the address list.

You should now be able to edit the value freely if you followed the steps correctly. Congratulations! If you want to modify other game values, you will need to repeat this process.

If you want to unlock all levels without play all the prisons, you can in the PC version, press the keys up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right.But if you want to make this cheat,you may press this keys on the prison select menu.

Complex Cheats[]

No heat or fatigue.[]

  1. Open "Memory View".
  2. Search for "Fatigue".

    Look for the "0F" indicated in the blue box. Change the number in the red box.

  3. On the bottom-left side of the memory viewer, find the first "0F". Two spaces under that is the value you will change.

You can perform this for Heat, too. Simply repeat from step 1, except search for "Heat".

You can also type the value how much Heat or Fatigue you have.

  1. Do an action to raise Heat or Fatigue
  2. Let that number run down and then type the new number
  3. Once there is less results, like 5, let your Heat or Fatigue run down again. (skip if there's one value)
  4. The value (ex. if I have 67 Heat or Fatigue then let it down to 66, I would use 66) that ran down to your heat or fatigue number and change it (perfect for no fatigue or 99% heat challenge)
  5. Tick the empty box to make sure the number doesn't change

Max Stats[]

  1. Scan your health value.
  2. Repeat until you have one entry left.
  3. Right-click the value, and click "Browse this memory region."

    The stat values are below each other.

If done correctly, you should see three values underneath your health value. The first value is strength, the second is speed, and the third is intelligence.

Max Cash[]

  1. Open "Memory View".
  2. Search for "Cash".

Now, just like how you edited your fatigue, look for the first "0F". Two spaces under that is the value you'll change.

Item Hack[]

  1. Open the file called 'items_eng.dat' in the /Data folder.
  2. Start Cheat Engine and change the Value type to String.
  3. Place a comb shiv in the weapons slot
  4. Enter the id for a comb which is 109 (found in the items_eng.dat file). Scan this value
  5. Then remove the comb shiv from your weapons slot
  6. Scroll through the results from the scan until you see an address with a blank value.
  7. Add this address to the address list.
  8. Change the value to any id from the items_eng.dat followed by the _
  9. Close and reopen your profile

You don't need to use the comb shiv again (you will if your in a new game), repeat 8 and 9

(If you add a value that is over 300, it makes glitch item)

NOTE: Any tools or keys summoned will only work once. To change that, you put ID _### (the hashtags are the number of durability and the space is required)

Avoid Shakedown[]

Has your name been called for shakedown, and you have contraband items in your desk? Don't worry! Follow these steps to avoid getting caught!

If the value in the blue box is "FF FF FF FF", that's you.

  1. Open Cheat Engine, and click on "Memory View".
  2. Go to "Search", then click on "Find Memory". (Or Press Ctrl + F)
  3. Search for "SD1_ID".
  4. Find the first "0F". If the value is "FF FF FF FF", go to step 7. Otherwise, carry on.
  5. Repeat step 2, and search for "SD2_ID".
  6. Once again, find the first "0F". If the value is "FF FF FF FF", go to step 7.
  7. Edit the value from "FF FF FF FF" to "02 00 00 00".


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  2. Get Cheat Engine here.