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Circuit Board
Circuit Board.png
ItemID: 92
Will be confiscated
Circuit Board
The Escapists 2 Item
Circuit Board te2.png
Will be confiscated

The Circuit Board is an item in The Escapists and The Escapists 2.


In The Escapists, it has no use. Therefore, the item should not be taken if found, as it is still contraband.

In The Escapists 2 the Circuit Board is used to craft Keycard Mould.gif Keycard Mould, so for some multiplayer escape ways it would be necessary (for example, the "Glide To Victory" way) unless the Keycards.gif Keycards are directly used.


Can be found in desks or inmates' pockets. In The Escapists, it is only found on Mobile and Console versions.


Result Components Int
Keycard Mould.gif Keycard Mould Circuit Board te2.png Circuit Board + Wire te2.png Wire + Keycards.gif Keycards 50+
Sleigh Chipset.png Sleigh Chipset Circuit Board te2.png Circuit Board + Tube of Glue te2.png Glue + AI Module.png AI Module 70+