Comb Blade

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Comb Blade
Comb Blade.png
Don't shave with this.
ItemID: 124
Will be confiscated
Weapon 2 / 5


The Comb Blade has only one use; beating up other inmates or guards. It is a 2/5 weapon, making it as strong as the Comb Shiv.png Comb Shiv, Toothbrush Shiv.png Toothbrush Shiv, and the Broom.png Broom.

Because the Comb Blade is a relatively weak weapon, it's recommended to use a Comb Shiv.png Comb Shiv instead, and to save the Razor Blade.png Razor Blade for making a stronger weapon, such as a Whip.png Whip or a Knuckle Duster.png Knuckle Duster. If you do make a comb blade, try the day over again UNLESS you did somthing inportant.


It can be found on inmates, rarely in their desks or crafted.


Result Components INT Attack Power
Comb Blade.png Comb Blade Comb.png Comb x1 + Razor Blade.png Razor Blade x1 20 2/5