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The Comb Shiv appears in all three Escapists games as a weak, but cheap to make melee weapon.


The Comb Shiv can be used as a weapon for beating up other characters in the game. It can also be used in favors. It can be a fast way to increase other's opinions of you, as you can give it to others. However, the Comb Shiv is not recommended as a weapon due to its extremely low stats. Several non-contraband weapons (many are available in The Escapists 2) have the same (or better) stats than this, making it obsolete.


The Comb Shiv is one of the easiest weapons to get, as it can be 'crafted' simply by using a Comb.png Comb on any wall. It can also be obtained from inmate inventories once you've beaten them up, or bought from an inmate's shop.

Result Requirements INT Attack Power
Comb Shiv.png Comb Shiv Use a Comb.png Comb on a wall None 2/5

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