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The control room in Center Perks 2.0. 2 Riot Guards can be seen inside, as well as a part of the contraband room and a nearby player.
Control room map

A map of the control room with a big star and a riot guard.

Not to be confused with the Guard Quarters.

The control room is an area found in almost every prison in The Escapists 2. It is guarded by red doors.


If a guard catches any sort of misconduct (damage to the prison, evidence (Soil/Vent Cover) on the floor, etc.) with no evidence linked to an inmate, the guard will report the issue in the control room. A successful report will increase the Security Level. While a guard is going to report misconduct and increase the security level, a star icon will appear over their head. If they are knocked out in this state, they will "forget" to report the problem when they wake up, mitigating the risk of security level increase.

Control rooms contain a special desk that contains confiscated contraband items. This desk does not seem to contain all confiscated contraband - some contraband may be lost permanently rather than being sent here. This desk will always be behind a guard-only door. This door will only open if you wear a Guard Outfit or Riot Guard Outfit.

The control room houses two Riot Guards. These guards will stay in the control room unless a Lockdown occurs. SWAT Guards deal more damage than normal guards, so try not to provoke them.

On the map, the control room is marked with a police star.