Crafting Notes are an item in The Escapists. It is occasionally sold by other inmates. When the item is used, a screen appears that shows the recipe for an item, which is subsequently added to the player's journal. A button in the bottom-right allows the player to discard the note, which removes it from the player's inventory. As crafting notes are marked by the game as contraband, it is safer to have them added to the player's journal, where they can not be confiscated by the guards.

Screenshot Crafting Note

Screenshot of Crafting Note

Crafting Notes are also found hidden around the prison in often hard to reach or hidden areas. As they are considered contraband, if a guard sees one on the floor they will pick it up themselves, making getting to these Notes quickly crucial if the player wants them.

Crafting Notes are currently the only place within the game where the "INT" requirements for the recipes are shown. Interestingly, this does not get copied over to the player's journal.

After completing the crafting journal you cannot use the note, however they can be given to inmates to increase opinion.