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The Crowbar appears in all three Escapists games. Can be used as a weapon or to craft some useful items. It can also be used as a lesser alternative to a pickaxe, with double the chipping power of a Plastic Fork. It is as effective as a guard's baton in combat.

In The Escapists 2, it is also used in certain prison escapes:

  • Cougar Creek Railroad via a multiplayer-only method: the players must gather three Crowbars and, holding each crowbar, interact with the connector between the caboose and the rest of the train. Once all three Crowbars have been used, the escape is complete.
  • Big Top Breakout, DLC prison, via singleplayer-only method. The Crowbar is used on the human cannon to prepare for the escape.


Can be bought from inmates, stolen from unconscious inmates or guards, or found in a Prisoner Stash. Cannot be found in inmates' desks (TE1 only, can be found in desks in TE2.)



Result Components INT
Flimsy Pickaxe.png Flimsy Pickaxe Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape x1 + Crowbar.png Crowbar x1 + Tool Handle.png Tool Handle 40
Grapple Head.png Grapple Head Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape x1 + Crowbar.png Crowbar x2 60


Item As a Component INT
Xmace.png Xmace Crowbar Escapists 2.png Crowbar x1 + Wrapping Paper te2.png Wrapping Paper x1 + Sprig of Holly.png Sprig of Holly x1 60+