Cup of Molten Chocolate

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Cup of Molten Chocolate
Cup of Molten Chocolate.png
That's a nice drink you're enjoying there... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
ItemID: 105
Will be confiscated
Uses 1
Cup of Molten Chocolate
The Escapists 2 Item
Cup of Molten Choc.png
Good lord! What's in that drink?!
Will be confiscated






Usage[edit | edit source]

The Cup of Molten Chocolate (Molten Chocolate in Console/Mobile, Cup of Molten Choc in TE2) is a one-time use weapon that can be used to incapacitate inmates and guards in one hit. However, it cannot instantly knock out a Riot Guard, as they will simply take high damage but survive.

In TE1, knocking out a character with this weapon will immediately drop their Opinion to its minimum and once they wake up, they will attack the player.

This is the only way to knock out someone who has a Stun Rod.png Stun Rod.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

The Escapists[edit | edit source]

Result Components Attack Power INT
Cup of Molten Chocolate.png Cup of Molten Chocolate Cup.png Cup + Bar of Chocolate.png Bar of Chocolate + Lighter.png Lighter One-Shot K.O. 40

The Escapists 2[edit | edit source]

Result Components INT
Cup of Molten Choc.png Cup of Molten Chocolate Cup te2.png Cup + Bar of Chocolate te2.png Bar of Chocolate + Lighter te2.png Lighter 30+
Cup of Molten Choc.png Cup of Molten Chocolate Mug te2.png Mug + Bar of Chocolate te2.png Bar of Chocolate + Lighter te2.png Lighter 30+

See also[edit | edit source]

There are many weapons similar to this item. These include the following:

The Escapists

Cracker.png Cracker, a weapon unique to the DLC prison Santa's Sweatshop. This weapon does not complete a beatdown Favour.

Bomb Surprise.png Bomb Surprise, Flamethrower.png Flamethrower, Sharp Tea Tray.png Sharp Tea Tray and Garotting Wire Watch.png Garotting Wire Watch, exclusive to the DLC prison Duct Tapes Are Forever.

The Escapists 2

Makeshift Stungun.png Makeshift Stungun, a crafted weapon that lasts 5 hits before breaking

Cattle Prod.png Cattle Prod, a crafted weapon, exclusive to Rattlesnake Springs, which is identical in function to the Makeshift Stungun

Stungun.png Stungun, identical in function to the Makeshift Stungun. Purchasable from Inmates in U.S.S. Anomaly, found on the roof of the multiplayer-only area in H.M.P Offshore.