December 23, 2014 Patch

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Original post on the Steam community: Steam Community

The Mexican Escapists: UPDATE 6! New Prison! Localisation! Custom Dialogue! Tutorial![edit | edit source]


It's the most wonderful time of the year. I get to go home, eat turkey and laugh at rubbish cracker jokes. You lot get transferred to the San Pancho detention facility. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time there.

Update 6 for The Escapists is packed with new stuff, and it's our Christmas present to you. Here's the lo-down, cons:

New![edit | edit source]

San Pancho Prison[edit | edit source]

San Pancho Prison has been added to the game. Your hardest challenge yet, the inmates are horrifically violent - even the guards don't dare enter. Good luck cons, you're going to need it.

Tutorial![edit | edit source]

You asked us for a tutorial, so we knocked you over the head with a flimsy shovel. Whilst you're dreaming, you'll learn the basics of the game - how to control your con, how to interact with the world around you and the basics of masterminding an escape.

Be sure to visit sickbay when you wake up. Concussion is really, really bad for you.

Localisation![edit | edit source]

It begins! Our first localisation update is in the game with German, Spanish and French languages. This is VERY much a work-in-progress and we'll be setting up a dedicated "localisations" thread so that you can show us where the gaps are. Stay tuned for that.

Massive, massive appreciation for Sgt_Cuz for helping with the German. Huge, huge love to Gaunth for helping us with Spanish and our un-requenting love for AngeArtilleur for showing us how to French. Thanks guys <3

Custom Dialogue![edit | edit source]

You can now edit the things that NPC's say. Head over to the Custom Speech Files board to learn more!

Be sure to check out The Sparrows Journey's pre-made speech file here, featuring catchphrases from his YouTube series!

New Workouts[edit | edit source]

You asked us to look at the "working out" situation, some of you don't like mashing Q&E, others like it. So, we've added new workouts that don't require button mashing to even the playing field!

Check out the punch bags, skipping ropes and speed bags in your facility's gym.

Changes![edit | edit source]

  • Cellmates of a low OPN will snitch if you're missing from cell at night
  • No longer hear NPCs opening doors unless near
  • Added slight delay and transition after KO
  • Eating now gives a temporary boost to fatigue drain
  • Tweaked code for guards removing hung sheets

Bug Fixes![edit | edit source]

  • Fake fences are now usable
  • Stinger strip now craftable (!)
  • Respawn with no health if STR is 1
  • Can no longer talk-spam inmates by pausing after each click
  • All NPCs freeze bug located and fixed
  • Load game stuck in bed bug fixed
  • Woodshop now works in Fort Bamford
  • Random shakedowns fixed (found debug code left in that initiated them)
  • Getting out of bed while desk next to it
  • Craft journal formatting issues
  • Nude inmates and guards should now go redress
  • Fixed inverted weights animations