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Dental Floss
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As I probably already said, you have no mouth.
ItemID: 158
Won't be confiscated
Dental Floss
The Escapists 2 Item
Dental Floss te2.png
Won't be confiscated


The Dental Floss is mainly used as a crafting ingredient.


Can be found in inmate's desk, in their inventory, bought from an inmate, or stolen from them if they are knocked out. Sometimes they can be found in medic desks. Exclusive to PC version of the first game (available in all versions of The Escapists 2)


Result As a component INT
Cutting Floss.png Cutting Floss Dental Floss.png Dental Floss x3 40

The Escapists 2:

Result Components Int
Visitors Kit.png Visitors Kit Bottle of Aftershave.png Bottle of Aftershave + Comb te2.png Comb + Dental Floss te2.png Dental Floss 30+