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The Desk as it Appears in Game.


A desk from the escapists 2

The desk is a place where the player can store items in (up to 20 items in the slots, 12 items in The Escapists 2).

Desks can be found in the following places:

  • Inmates' cells. These generally contain the widest array of items - nearly everything that isn't crafted.
  • Guard rooms. These contain a narrower pool of items, but can have useful loot such as Adrenaline Shot, Medikit and other such items. Usually won't have many contraband materials or other rare items.
  • Closets in certain Infirmaries. These contain medicine-related loot, such as healing items (Medikit, Bottle of Medicine, Medical Mesh), food, more Infirmary Outfits and other things. The closets can only be accessed if the player wears Infirmary Overalls.
  • (The Escapists 2 only) The Control Room. This desk, the Contraband Desk, is behind a door openable when wearing a Guard Outfit. Outside of Transport Prisons, this generally contains only confiscated contraband items, but can occasionally have other contraband loot.
  • Maintenance rooms, accessible using a Cyan/Orange (Utility) Key. These contain items such as Screwdrivers.
  • (TE2 only) In Multiplayer Door-blocked areas. These generally contain loot useful to the multiplayer escape.
  • In certain locations unique to/important to the given prison, containing unique loot.
  • In other locations around the prison. Usually contain random loot.

In The Escapists 2, each desk has a Hidden Compartment which provides 6 additional slots. Items here will not be found during shakedowns, making it a useful area to store important contraband. Do note that Guard Dogs can retrieve Keys or Keycards from the hidden compartment if one goes missing. Only the owner of a desk can access its hidden compartment — a player will therefore not be able to access hidden compartments in NPC inmates' desks or in those of other players during a multiplayer game.

If you're checking someone else's desk while a guard is patrolling the area, he will attack you (and increase your current guard heat).

You can pick up a desk by right clicking or holding 'interact' on it. It's very helpful if you want to cover a hole for digging or to climb up to the vents (you can climb on a desk by walking up against it).

If you are called for Shakedown and a guard finds contraband stored in your desk, it will be confiscated. In The Escapists you will be sent to solitary. In The Escapists 2 the guard will attempt to increase the prison Security Level.