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Dungeons and Duct Tape is the 4th and final DLC prison in The Escapists 2 and is based on a medieval fort/castle surrounded by a moat. It is one of the hardest DLC's in the game. There are three escapes: The Solo escape (Tis' But a Scratch), the Multiplayer Escape (Siege the Day) and Perimeter Breakout (Single and Multiplayer Escape) Do note that sometimes cells in this prison may be bugged and fail to load.


Time Event
05:00 - 06:00 Roll call
06:00 - 08:00 Free Time
08:00 - 09:00 Breakfast
09:00 - 12:00 Job Time
12:00 - 13:00 Roll call
13:00 - 14:00 Exercise Time
14:00 - 15:00 Shower Time
15:00 - 18:00 Job Time
18:00 - 19:00 Dinner
19:00 - 22:00 Free Time
22:00 - 23:00 Roll call
23:00 - 05:00 Lights Out


Job Strength Needed Intel Needed Paycheck
Lighting Torches 40+ 40+ $30
Stone Mason 60+ 70+ $50
Wandering Minstrel 40+ 60+ $40
Making Horseshoes 70+ 80+ $60

Escape Methods[]

Tis But a Scratch[]

(Single-player only escape)

You must obtain the following:

To obtain these items, you will need the following components:

It is necessary to craft a Grappling Hook to obtain some of these items. If you are struggling to get molten metal or can't get the making horseshoes job, you can do the "it belongs to a museum" Favor and cancel after stealing the molten metal. Another way to obtain it is by making a plastic green key and going to the horseshoe making job building at job time. To get a pair of shoes, you need to use the grappling hook to reach the desk located in the walls between the meal hall and cell block.

Once you have crafted the escape items, you must raise your strength to 90 and then place the items on a plinth on the 5th floor. After all of that, you can escape.

Siege the Day[]

(Multiplayer only escape)

You will need to assemble a catapult for this escape. You will need:

Craft the following:

You may want to use the rooftops of the workrooms as Contraband Storage. You will need a Grappling Hook to access the rooftops.

Knock out the guard who has Red Keycard.png Red Keycard. Use the Circuit Board te2.png Circuit Board and Wire te2.png Wire to craft the Red Keycard Mould, and craft it together with the Molten Plastic (Lighter + Toothbrush/Comb) to create the Fake Red Keycard.png Fake Red Keycard.

Go to the Red Keycard Door, southeast of the main block on the 4th Floor. Open the door and go inside. Use the Grappling Hook to ascend 2 Floors and open the desk. Inside you will find the Catapult Counterweight.png Catapult Counterweight.

Take all the Items to the multiplayer door located on the 3rd Floor in southwest of the main block and open the multiplayer door.

Insert all the items (2x Half Catapult Frame, Catapult Bucket, Catapult Beam, Catapult Counterweight) to build the Catapult and Escape!

Perimeter Breakout[]

Method 1[]

Preparation (Part 1):

  • Increase your Intelligence TE2.png Intellect to 70.
  • You might increase your Fitness TE2.png Fitness to 80 or higher if you don't want your stamina to drain faster.
  • You might need Adrenaline Shot.png Adrenaline Shot, Can of Soda.png Can of Soda, and Energy Drink.png Energy Drink to replenish your stamina while digging.
  • Find 3 Broom Handle te2.png Broom Handle, 3 Pieces of Timber te2.png Timber, 2 Wooden Peg.png Wooden Peg to Craft 2 Wooden Oars. The Remaining Timber te2.png Timber and Broom Handle te2.png Broom Handle will be used later on.
  • Craft the Bed Dummy te2.png Bed Dummy if you want to escape at night.
  • If you want to stash your Stamina items, go to the room with the desk beneath the warden's office. You need Grappling Hook Escapists 2.png Grappling Hook to climb the outside walls of the warden's office. There should be the desk where the resources for escaping is located. The desk acts like a Item Storage (This might be optional if you have higher Fitness TE2.png Fitness and the desk's inventory is unchanged due to limited access for the guards)

Finding Resources (Preparation Part 2):

The Escape:

  • Take the Multitool te2.png Multitool, 2 Wooden Oars, Timber te2.png Timber and Broom Handle te2.png Broom Handle.
  • Place your Bed Dummy te2.png Bed Dummy on your bed at 22:00-23:00 evening roll call if you want to escape at night.
  • Wear the Guard Outfit te2.png Guard Outfit if you want to escape at night.
  • Go to Floor 1 and find the Stone Mason job room. Go to the room beside the job room. There should be a desk. Don't forget to avoid the spotlights when you're escaping at night.
  • Dig south until you get to a passageway. You can stash Soil.png Soil on the desk if you're running out of space.
  • After digging, stash your Multitool te2.png Multitool on the desk and use the Broom Handle te2.png Broom Handle to fix the broken lever and interact with the fixed lever.
  • Climb the ladder and use the Timber te2.png Timber and Wooden Oars to fix the boat and escape!

If this guide is confusing, use the video for visual help.

Method 2[]

Required items: Timber Brace te2.png Timber Brace x6, Sturdy Shovel te2.png Sturdy Shovel x4, energy restoring items

In the northeastern corner of the prison, there is a dried-up well that can be climbed down. Attempting to dig in the easternmost square of the underground chamber it leads to will alert you that the tunnel needs a timber brace. Put one up, and start to dig east, dumping any dirt into unoccupied desks. Once you've put up the sixth timber brace, dig to the east once more, then dig up. You'll see that you have tunnelled under the moat, and are now free!

Unique Favours[]

It Belongs in a Museum![]

Phase 1:[]

Deliver a letter to a certain Guard.

Phase 2:[]

Beat up a certain Inmate, retrieve the Toothbrush Shiv from them and destroy it.

Phase 3:[]

Obtain the Broom Handle, Molten Metal and Iron Bar, craft a Makeshift Halbard and beat up a certain Inmate with it.

Eternally Grateful[]

Phase 1:[]

Find the Book and give it to the Inmate that requested the Favour. It is located in the desk near Stone Mason job.

Phase 2:[]

Retrieve the Stone Table from the Warden´s office and give it to the Inmate that requested the Favour. A Grappling Hook or a Plastic Red Key is required for this.

Phase 3:[]

The Inmate that gives you the quest asks you to get them the Vessel of Eternal Youthfullness, Wealth, Good Looks, Etc. Beat up a certain Inmate, get the Cheap Plastic Cup from them and give it to the Inmate that requested the favour.


  • Fake Key cards are useless on Xbox.


Perimeter Breakout

Tis but a scratch

Siege the day