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Durable Contraband Pouch
Hides Contraband from contraband detectors.
ItemID: Unspecified
Will be confiscated
Limited-Use Item
PC-Only: This information applies only to the PC version of The Escapists.


The Durable Contraband Pouch is an item that conceals Contraband in your inventory from Contraband Detectors.

It will lose 15% durability every time you pass through a Contraband Detector with contraband items other than the pouch itself. It is good for 7 uses.


The Contraband Pouch can be found in prisoner stash or by crafting the following items:

Result Components INT
Durable Contraband Pouch.png Durable Contraband Pouch Foil.png Foil x2 + Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape x1 70