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1337 millennia ago, a great cosmic anomaly occurred... And all that happened was a new colour of bed sheets.
ItemID: 55/223
Won't be confiscated

"Empty" is a glitched item found in the games code. It has no actual use, but is asked for in favours. Its appearance is a blue Bed Sheet. It possibly could have been used to allow you to take off infirmary blankets.

Articles covering specific items in the game.

Items are kept in the player's inventory and can be bought, stolen from Desks, looted off incapacitated non player characters or crafted. Certain items can be used as a weapon, worn as an outfit or used to interact with the environment, labeled in-game as tools. Some are also used in crafting, labeled in-game as components. Some items are considered contraband and will be confiscated by Guards if it is found on the ground, in a container or in your inventory when you are incapacitated.