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Energy Module
The Escapists 2 Item
Energy Module.png
Will be confiscated


Mostly used to craft powerful weapons such as the Makeshift Stungun or Super Metal Baton. Also used for escaping from the Area 17 using "Alien Technology" method, or Air Force Con using the “Passport to Freedom” method. Two Energy Modules can be used to disable the force field to reach the Jet Pack in U.S.S. Anomaly.


Result Components INT
  Energy Module   Battery +   Battery +   Wire 60+

Used in:

Result Components INT Notes
  Super Metal Baton   Metal Baton +   Energy Module +   Roll of Duct Tape 70+
  Energy Sword   Broom Handle +   Energy Module +   Wire 70+ U.S.S. Anomaly only.
  Makeshift Stungun   Energy Module +   Paper Clip +   Roll of Duct Tape 60+ 5 uses.
  Super Knuckle Duster   Knuckle Duster +   Energy Module 60+
  Cattle Prod   Energy Module +   Iron Bar +   Roll of Duct Tape 60+ 5 uses. Rattlesnake Springs only.