Center perks is said to be the easiest prison in the game,and to me,it was! Edit

So,first,check your desk,grab a comb or a tooth brush,and make it into a shiv by using it on a wall,also grab glue and toilet paper(luxury toilet paper will work to)you will need to make two pieces of paper mache and use them to make a vent cover.Just remember to go to each roll call,but I skipped mostly everything should start searching for files and dust tape,also a rope.when you get all the items that are listed so far,make flimsy pliers.if you can't find a rope, you can always make bed sheet ropes upgrade your intellect to 80.Now go build lightweight pliers and the sturdy that it is night and your cell is locked(remember to cover the cell bars with bed sheets just in case,now break open the vent and put on the fake cover(forgot to say,you can go up into the vents earlier on to clear a path to the roof,just don't use your cutters up,and don't use the sturdy cutters up,you will need four hits to the fence!)go through you vent and go to the roof and use the rope to climb down,go to a venue away from guards,don't let them see you at all,and break the fence!

Have fun with the next prisons,I may make one for the next,you just have to wait until I completed,as I type I'm doing the escape teammate dlc prison,I may make one in the future for the dlc,we will see!