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The source of power for prisons


The Generator is the power source of the prison, and allows Cameras, Metal Detectors, and Electric Fences to function. Prisons containing any of these three structures will likely have a Generator as well. Generators are usually behind locked doors, requiring Keys or Plastic Keys of different colors to open them. The doors usually require Red (Staff) or Cyan/Orange (Utility) keys.


Generator status is indicated by the green/red light and can be shut down temporarily by clicking on it. This will power down the electric structures (and the lights!) for a short time until the Generator restarts. Because of this, it is recommended to bypass electric fences close to the Generator. The Generator will produce a large sound when it comes online after 1 in-game hour. Often, the first signal of the Generator reactivating is the lights in the prison turning back on.


  • In K.A.P.O.W Camp the generator can be accessed via an unlocked door but is located in a building with purple doors, meaning nighttime generator operations require a Plastic Purple Key or Plastic Red Key (via the outside red-locked door) to access it.
  • Generators may also be themselves blocked by Contraband Detectors. It is advised to bring a Contraband Pouch to counter this. Another option is to drop any contraband outside before returning, if guards are away from the area.


On the map, the generator room will be symbolized by a lightning bolt of energy.