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Christmas Item
ItemID: 243
Will be confiscated


Glitter is an exclusive item to the Santa's Sweatshop DLC prison. This item is used to craft the Tinsel, the first thing to put on the tree. Glitter can be found in the marked crate near the gym.


This item can be found in the crate box at the gym but you need a Red Plastic Key to get to it!


Item As a Component Intelligence
Tinsel.png Tinsel Glitter.png Glitter x1 + Roll of Toilet Paper.png Roll of Toilet Paper x1 + Tube of Super Glue.png Tube of Glue x1 50


one way to obtain the glitter is to wait in the gym with a Cup of Molten Chocolate or Cracker. when a guard comes by knock him out and take his Red Key.

quickly run in the red door in the gym, loot the box, and give the key back to the guard. do this during leisure time. if the guard doesn't have a red key, take note of his name, (so you don't waste your time on him again) and restart the day. rinse and repeat until you get the glitter. This tactic is extra effective if you don't have Putty or don't have enough intel to make a Key Mold.