Guards are a character in the game. They patrol the prison regularly and prevent escape attempts and maintain order. Prison guards will stop any in-mates that are fighting.

Prison Guard Edit

Prison guards that witness inmates fighting will attempt to incapacitate any of the fighters that the Guard sees attacking another inmate.

During Roll Call, the guards will call out two inmates to receive a cell search, if one of the names called is the player's, a guard will enter the player's cell shortly after roll call. When a guard enters the Player's cell, if the Player's desk contains any Contraband, or if any contraband is lying on the ground, the player will be sent to Solitary, also the guard will take any hung Bed Sheets.

If a guard sees an uncovered tunnel entrance, vent, or wall breach in the Player's cell, either by entering the cell or seeing through the cell bars, the Player will be sent to Solitary.

Guards always wear the Guard Outfit as clothing and have the Baton as their weapon. Guards in HMP-Irongate carry an different weapon, the Stun Rod. This is a special weapon that can incapacitate an inmates in one hit. Guards also carry different keys, if you knock a guard out you can steal their key and using a Wad of Putty, can create a plastic copy of the key. If they wake up from knockout and their key is gone or used, the player will be sent straight to solitary!

They have specific patrol patterns that, if the player learns, will be important in escaping!

If the player manages to beat up a guard, when he wakes up, the guard will want payback! If they click on him enough, though, they can improve their opinion and might not come after them.

Tower GuardEdit

Tower Guards are the last line of defense against escapists who get outside the wall. These guards will shoot at any players with a sufficiently high guard heat (90% and more), or players wearing any variation on the Inmate Outfit Inmate Outfit, dealing 20 damage per shot, even through a Plated Inmate Outfit Plated Inmate Outfit. They will also shoot the player if they are performing an escape attempt, such as chipping a wall, digging underground, etc. They are not active at night.