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Guard Outfit
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“Oh yeah! Swish.” -Officer Torode, 2018
ItemID: 3
Will be confiscated
Guard Outfit
The Escapists 2 Item
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Will be confiscated

The Guard Outfit is an outfit worn by all Guards in each prison.


Your Guard Heat will very slowly increase while wearing a Guard Outfit in sight of a guard, precisely by 3% a second in the Escapists 1 and 1% around every 2 seconds in the Escapists 2. While wearing the Guard Outfit, the following benefits are gained.

  • (TE1) Gives 1 defense.
  • The player can be seen by guards in restricted areas without gaining Heat/sent to Solitary/triggering Lockdown.
    • This includes being outside of the player's cell during Lights Out. However, it will not prevent the player from being sent to Solitary if their cell is found empty; this can be solved via use of a Bed Dummy.
    • (TE2) It also allows the player to travel freely in Transport Prisons, so long as heat is still below 80.
  • Tower Guards will not shoot, as long as the player doesn't damage the prison in sight of the snipers.
  • The player can search and loot knocked-out characters and Desks without gaining heat.
  • Allows opening blue-locked Doors, granting access to contraband desks.
  • Cameras will not alert on the player when worn.
  • When interacting with another guard (TE1) / being seen by a guard (TE2) while wearing a Guard Outfit, they have different dialogues. Some examples are: "You're the new guy..." or, "Oh Yeah! Swish...", "Hello, stranger!", "You're best dressed today, huh?"

If the player's heat rises above 90% (TE1) / 80% (TE2) a Guard Outfit will not prevent the player from being attacked by guards/shot by snipers.

Result Components INT Defense
Infirmary Overalls.png Infirmary Overalls Tub of Bleach.png Tub of Bleach x1 + Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit x1 40+ 0


The Guard Outfit can be crafted with the following recipe:

Result Components INT Defense
Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit Jar of Ink.png Jar of Ink x1 + Infirmary Overalls.png Infirmary Overalls x1 50+ +1

Additionally, in TE1, there are other ways to obtain it. It can be purchased or rarely found in desks. It is one of the two outfits that can be obtained by working in the Laundry. Since the Laundry job almost always has a contraband detector, the player will either need to use a Contraband Pouch or get it through by wearing it. Digging through walls and then covering the hole with a poster may also allow you access to the laundry room while avoiding the metal detector, however you must be careful to not be seen when removing and replacing the posters.

In TE2, it can be required for the "Fashion Victim" Favor.


  • You can wear a guard outfit through a contraband detector without it being detected, as with any contraband outfit.