The Guard Outfit is worn by all guards in the prison. Your guard heat will increase while wearing a Guard Outfit in sight of a guard, simulating suspicion. If the Guard Outfit is being worn by the player, Tower Guards will refrain from shooting until 90% heat or more.


The Guard Outfit is one of the two outfits that can be obtained by working in the Laundry. For some reason similar to the weapon you can somehow sneak it out of laundry by wearing the Guard Outfit and make sure no police are outside. It can also be purchased from inmates, looted off of guards or crafted with the following recipe:

Result Components
Guard Outfit Jar of Ink x1 + Infimary Overalls x1

Trivia Edit

  • The guard outfit, unlike the other outfits, cannot be made into padded, cushioned, or plated versions of themselves.
  • If the player talks to other guards (a.k.a click on them while they're next to you) with the guard outfit on, instead of scorning you, they will talk to you like a friend, a fellow guard, the "new guy."
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