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H.M.P (Her Majesty’s Prison) Offshore is one of the Maps in The Escapists 2. One unique escape is required to unlock this prison.


Nobody's feeling as out-at-sea as these cons do! Someone's "clever" decided this dilapidated drilling platform was the perfect place to lock away lawbreakers - and they were right. With nothing but a sea-view for miles around, it's no wonder it has a zero percent escape record.


Time Routine
06:00 - 07:00 Rollcall
07:00 - 08:00 Breakfast
08:00 - 10:00 Job
10:00 - 13:00 Freetime
13:00 - 14:00 Exercise
14:00 - 15:00 Lunch
15:00 - 16:00 Shower
16:00 - 18:00 Job
18:00 - 21:00 Freetime
21:00 - 22:00 Rollcall
22:00 - 06:00 Lights Out


Job Strength required Intelligence required Cash Payout
Mining 70 30 45
Blacksmith 50 80 70
Woodworking 30 40 55
Kennels 30 30 40


  • This prison might be where the player is sent after the escape from the H.M.S Orca.
  • There is always a Baseball Bat on the roof to the right of the cell building. If you cross the yellow gantry northward, to the roof of the multiplayer-only zone, you will find a Stungun, making this one of two prisons where the Stungun can be obtained.
  • This is the tallest prison in The Escapists 2, with 10 numbered floors; even though only 9 are accessible.
  • This prison's Shower Time music plays during the cutscene in the Meet The Crew escape from Center Perks 2.0.
  • It is the 2nd prison in the series to have the prefix "Her Majesty's Prison". The first is H.M.P. Irongate from the first game.
  • It appears that the Piece of String.png Piece of String, an item vital to a certain escape, cannot spawn in regular desks on this prison. This is presumably a bug. It sometimes spawns in medic desks though, which means you'll need an Infirmary Outfit to get it if you don't use a Favour.

Key Map[]

1: Red Key, Red Keycard

2: Cyan Key

3: Red Key

4: Green Key

5: Yellow Key

6: Purple Key

7: Purple Key, Red Keycard

8: Red Keycard

9: Cyan Key

10: Red Key, Cyan Keycard

11: Green Key

12: Cyan Key

13: Red Key, Cyan Keycard

14: Green Key

15: Purple Key

16: Yellow Key, Red Keycard


Perimeter Breakout[]

Boat Escape[]

There is an electrified fence to the right of the dolphin at the very bottom floor of the building (floor 2 on the map). Turning off the generator (at the top of the western stairwell) will allow you to break this fence and get on the boat (by interacting with it). This escape requires a red key to access the lower floors via the stairwell. To get the key, find the guard with theRed Key te2.png Red Key and knock him out. The guard speaking at Roll Call always has the red one. With aWad of Putty te2.png Wad of Putty craft a Key Mould te2.png Red Key Mould then aPlastic Red Key te2.png Plastic Red Key (with Molten Plastic te2.png Molten Plastic).


Once you go down to floor 5 on the western stairwell, head right through the red key door and then go along the bridge until you reach the platform with the guard quarters. Go inside the building and go down the stairs to an area with a fence and a ladder on the other side of it. Using Flimsy Cutters or better, cut through the fence and go down the ladder to a small platform on floor 3. Go to the southern wall and chip through it with a Lightweight Pickaxe or better. Walk through the hole and jump down to a small area which has another boat on the left side of it. Interact with it to escape.

Helicopter Escape[]

You will need a plastic red key (see above). First go to the eastern stairwell on the ground floor (likely floor 6), then go down to floor 5, and walk south along the platform and enter the building. This building also houses the guard quarters and Control Room. Go to the top of that building and interact with the helicopter to escape. See the first video below for help.

Bad Intentions[]

( Multiplayer escape)

The Escape:[]

This way of escaping is done the same way as Perimeter Breakout, but is better to do if you prefer to use multiplayer.

  • Turn off the generator in the west wing to deactivate the detectors. (If you want to have more time to get to the fence and cut it, then one player can turn off the generators once the other player has reached the fence and is ready to cut). Then follow the staircases on the east wing to the bottom level, and then head north through the double doors (instead of south to get to the boat) to lead you to a submarine.
  • Cut the fence. Go to the submarine and escape.

Note: Check the video below for a visual help tool to help you on this escape.

Swimming With Dolphins[]

(Single-player only escape)

  • Reach 70 intelligence.
  • Get a Piece of String.png Piece of String by finding a favor to craft a Makeshift Double Bass.png Makeshift Double Bass, looting it off a knocked-out inmate (don't get seen by guards), or a favor that directly gives you string. This item will not appear in desks (except sometimes in the medic desk, which is next to the infirmary on floor 8 and can be accessed with an Infirmary Outfit.
  • Craft a Fishing Rod.png Fishing Rod (Timber te2.png Timber + Piece of String.png Piece of String + Paper Clip te2.png Paper Clip), then you will craft a Readied Fishing Rod.png Readied Fishing Rod (you will need a Juicy Worm.png Juicy Worm, which can be found on guards and in Inmate Desks).
  • Find the guard with the Red Key te2.png Red Key (best way of doing this is beating up the guard that speaks at Roll Call as they usually have the red key). Grab some Wad of Putty and beat them up for their key. (Don't forget to mold it and return the key) This can also help you find a worm for your rod. Then make a Plastic Red Key te2.png Plastic Red Key with Molten Plastic te2.png Molten Plastic and the mold. One plastic key should be exactly enough for you to escape - it will break on the last door you open. Given the large amount of locked doors you will have to pass through, it is recommended you make a second plastic key if you want to go have a look at the destination first.
The Escape:[]
  • Using the stairwell to the west of the main floor, go down to the floor with the large open square (it should be the second floor [verify], it is also where Perimeter Breakouts are performed). You will need to navigate to the area where Snooty the Dolphin is chilling. This is a small jetty to the south side, with no barriers blocking access.
  • Next to that is a free space to water. Moving near it will give you the message "Start Fishing". Interact there holding your Readied Fishing Rod.png Readied Fishing Rod to catch a Salmon.png Salmon, and gift it to Snooty like you would to an inmate.
  • After you do that, Snooty will give you a favor in which you first need to find a How To Speak Dolphin Book.png How To Speak Dolphin Book that translates dolphin tongue so that the actual favor will be interpretable.
  • After you obtain it, the favor will switch into a quest for 3 things: Lump of Sugar.png Lump of Sugar, Bag of Flour.png Bag of Flour, and Bottle of Milk.png Bottle of Milk. Once you find everything, craft it into a Cake.png Cake and deliver it to Snooty.

Note: Everything you need to craft your cake will automatically appear in inmate desks, just like an ordinary favor that requests you craft an item. When you've got your cake, you can hit a guard with it in order to get the "The Cake Is A Lie?" achievement, but it's best not to have a high heat for the escape, as guards do patrol the escape floor (which is restricted).

Trash Talk[]

(Single-player only escape)

Method 1 (Not the method on the video seen below)

The Escape:[]
  • Take everything with you: the Plastic Red Key te2.png Plastic Red Key, the Crowbar Escapists 2.png Crowbar and the Breathable Trash Bag.png Breathable Trash Bag.
  • From the 6th floor head west (to the left) to the stairwell, and head down until your reach last level (should be level 2)
  • Once you reach the bottom, you will find two doors. The bottom door will lead to Snooty the Dolphin and the top is where you must go. Head into the room by chipping through the wall with the crowbar, go to the yellow pedestal and use the breathable trash bag on the pedestal. (You can also go through the other stairwell on floor six to the east (right), because they both go down to floor two, but it is easier to go down the west stairs).

Method 2 (The method on the video seen below)

When the time is right, get everything that you've been keeping (all the items from method 1, plus a Plastic Cyan Key te2.png Plastic Cyan Key in addition to the Plastic Green Key te2.png Plastic Green Key) and move to the woodworking job area. Once you're there, you will need to start chipping at the wall in the bottom right corner of the room, right below the metal detector. Once you break through, you will have to move through the different cyan and red doors until you reach a room that contains the golden looking pedestal. Now hold the breathable trash bag in slot 1 and interact with the pedestal as you would in method 1.

Congrats! You have escaped!


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