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H.M.S. Orca is the second transport prison of The Escapists 2. One unique escape is required to unlock this prison. (Also known as: Her Majesty's Ship Orca.)


Prisoners are being shipped off in droves to a remote island far, far away from civilization. Not keen on being marooned, you'd much prefer to find a way off this boat before you stand about as much chance as a fish out of the water.

Escape Plans[]

Single player[]

"Scuba Doo"

"Wave Goodbye!"

  • Locate Tubing.png Tubing and Bolts.png Bolts
  • Find and make your way to the jet-ski on the east side of Floor 1
  • Use the items on the jet-ski to repair it
  • Escape!

Multiplayer escapes[]

"Masters of Illusion"

"Taking Back Control"

  • Find and make your way to the bridge of the ship, located West on Floor 3
  • Knock out the three guards (two are captains, one is a regular guard)
  • Escape by interacting with the controls.


  • The guard who patrols the cell block has a red key and if the player takes the key it will not trigger any lockdown, making this the only prison where a player can keep a real key without being caught.
    • However, the red key can be considered useless since there's no room exclusively accessed by red doors.