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Infirmary Overalls
Infirmary Overalls.png
For the last time, I'm not here to tend to your wounds
ItemID: 38
Will be confiscated


This outfit [known as the Infirmary Outfit in The Escapists 2] works like the Guard Outfit. The most important use of this outfit is its ability to give the player access to the medical storage. When wearing this, the player is able to open doors with green cross symbols, present in one Infirmary of each prison. If guards see the player with it equipped, your heat will gradually rise.

Infirmary Outfit
The Escapists 2 Item
Infirmary Outfit.png
Will be confiscated


The Infirmary Overalls can be obtained in medic desks and through favours that request them.

Result Component INT Defense
Infirmary Overalls.png Infirmary Overalls Inmate Outfit.png Inmate Outfit X1 or POW Outfit.png POW Outfit x1 or Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit x1 + Tub of Bleach.png Tub of Bleach x1 50 +1
Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit Jar of Ink.png Jar of Ink x1 + Infirmary Overalls.png Infirmary Overalls x1 50 +1

The Escapists 2:

Result Components INT
Infirmary Outfit.png Infirmary Outfit Inmate Outfit te2.png Inmate Outfit or Guard Outfit te2.png Guard Outfit + Tub of Bleach te2.png Tub of Bleach 50+


  • In the console and mobile versions of the game this item is just called Overalls.
  • In the Escapists 2, a medic outfit, despite its different item sprite, looks and acts like an infirmary outfit when worn. Medic Outfits can be requested as part of the "Fashion Victim" Favour.
  • In the Escapists 2, the outfit can allow you to search desks without guards attacking you.
  • In the Escapists 2, you can wear this outfit to avoid being caught sneaking outside your cell at Lights Out.
  • They cannot be crafted into anything on Console versions of TE1.