The jeep, perimeter jeep, and prison jeep (among many other names) is a green-sandy colored jeep that regularly patrols the outer track of the prison in Jungle Compound and San Pancho. The jeep is often considered a hindrance to any escape plan with those prisons. It is exclusive to the PC and Mac version of The Escapists - other platforms will not feature the jeep.

The jeep completes one circuit around the prison every 45 in-game minutes and regularly checks for any damage and any escapees. If a jeep spots any cut open fences, chipped walls or holes you will be given instant Solitary. If the jeep catches you "outside" (which is considered to be outside the main prison gate), regardless of whether or not you are wearing a Guard Outfit, you will be given instant Solitary.

The jeep can be temporarily disabled for 90 in-game minutes by using a Stinger Strip.