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The Jeep is one of the Guard's methods of controlling and making it harder to escape. They appear in the Jungle Compound(PC Only) and in San Pancho. They circle around the outer edge of the Prison, and if caught by them, you will be sent to Solitary. The jeep can be seen circling Jungle compound beyond the green outer wall on the dirt road, and In San Pancho, It circles the area beyond the Land Mine field past the electric fence near the double outer wall. The jeep makes a rumbling sound when driving by and you are near. You can also hear the jeep drive by above if you are underground in a tunnel.

Mobile/Console behavior[]

Jeep is absent in Jungle Compound (Oddly enough the warden still mentions it in the letter). The jeep will send you in solitary if you are caught by them even with the guard outfit.

Ways To Avoid[]

  1. You can simply avoid and move away from the jeep when it is near and time your movements to stay out of sight when the jeep passes by.
  2. You can wear a Guard Outfit to blend in: the jeep will NOT bust you if seen outside with a guard outfit on. However, your Heat will slowly rise while wearing a guard outfit in sight of the jeep, the same as with normal guards. Warning: Even while wearing a guard outfit, the jeep will not stop if you are in the way and will literally run you over! This will deal infinite damage, regardless of armor and health, and send you straight to your cell after Lights out or to the Infirmary during the day!
  3. While digging in a tunnel, you can still hear the sound of the jeep rolling nearby above. Wait for the sound of the jeep to pass by before digging up. Note that the jeep will spot and bust you even if your hole dug up is incomplete, just as if a guard saw it. Partially dug up or down holes still leave a mark that counts towards prison damage. Make sure the jeep has completely passed before you start to dig up, and you must finish the hole before the jeep's next pass. Once you have finished digging up or down near where a jeep patrols, you can cover your hole by selecting dirt in your inventory and using it on the hole, just like placing a poster or fake fence. Doing this will leave a small pile of dirt/disturbed ground to indicate exactly where your tunnel is so you know where to dig if you want to go back and the jeep/guards will NOT notice this. However, covering up a hole in the ground like this will reset the dirt block to 100%, so if you plan on going back, make sure you have adequate digging tools and fatigue to dig another dirt space back to your tunnel.
  4. You can craft a Stinger Strip and place it in the path of the jeep. Simply drop it from your inventory while standing over the path of the jeep to set it up. Next time the jeep passes by, it will hit the stinger strip and make a popping sound (same sound as a gunshot from a tower guard) and it will disable the jeep for around 30 seconds. Don't get startled or confused when you hear the sound, as it can be heard suddenly and at full volume no matter how far away the jeep is when it hits! Note that even while disabled, the jeep can still bust you if sighted without a guard outfit on or if you reveal any prison damage. If you wish to keep the jeep disabled for longer, it is possible to craft multiple stinger strips and place them down in a row. Using 2 will earn you quite a lot of extra time. However, stinger strips are completely optional and are not absolutely necessary to escape either Jungle Compound or San Pancho.

Important notes[]

The jeep will spot any prison damage and send you to Solitary just like normal prison Guards, even while disabled with a Stinger Strip. If you pick up a fake wall block or poster and expose a broken/missing wall block while the jeep is nearby, you will get busted, even while wearing a guard outfit.

The jeep can, and certainly will, run you over if you get in front of it and it touches you! It will do this even if you are wearing a guard outfit. This will deal infinite damage, regardless of armor, and send you straight to your cell after Lights out or to the Infirmary during the day. Always cross the jeep's path behind it after it passes, unless you are sure the jeep is far away and it is safe.

In both Jungle Compound and San Pancho the jeep patrols moving counter-clockwise. This means it will move west (to the left) while on the north (upper) side, turn down south on the west (left) side, move east (to the right) on the south (bottom) side and then turn moving up on the east (right) side. However it is possible for players to place jeeps in custom prisons made in the editor, and the jeep can move in any direction the prison creator chooses, and even follow complex pathways around the premises, so beware!

Using a Stinger Strip to disable the jeep will prevent it from moving for 30 seconds. You can use multiple stinger strips placed in a row to disable the jeep for longer.

In San Pancho the jeep hugs the outer wall and it is very dangerous to move further inland as the presence of the Land Mines are very close to the jeeps path. If you wait for the jeep to pass by overhead in a tunnel and use a Sturdy Shovel/multitool to dig up and cover the hole after you climb out, you should have enough time to chip through the outer wall as long as you have a good chipping tool and escape BEFORE the jeep comes around again. However, Stinger Strips will give you much more time and make it easier to escape.

In the editor[]

It is possible to place jeeps in the default in-game prison editor! To place a jeep in your custom prison, select the "jeep" objects tab and place one of the white arrows in the little purple squares. Then select where you want the jeep to spawn and place an arrow. To make the jeep patrol an area around your prison, line up the arrows to cause the jeep to change direction. You can make your jeep circle clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on how you set up the arrows. The jeep will follow the path set by the direction of the arrows. It is even possible to make the jeep roll back and fourth between two points! Unfortunately, you can only cause one jeep to spawn regardless of how many arrows are placed, and it is not possible to "draw" an exact path through your map. However, you can crate a fairly complex path for the jeep to follow as long as the arrows to change direction are placed properly