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Jet Pack
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Will be confiscated

The Jet Pack is an item required to escape the U.S.S. Anomaly prison via the singleplayer-only method in The Escapists 2.


To get it you will need to enter the room northeast of the prison, blocked off by Red Key doors. Make a Plastic Red Key and enter the hallway. You'll be able to tell the room, as it has a corridor leading northward and a staircase at the end, with the 2nd floor room (the one with a force field) marked as a Guard Room on the map. You will also need two Energy Modules. With all that done, bring these items to the aforementioned room, and place the two Modules on the platform inside. When both are placed, you'll be able to loot the desk inside the room, which has the Jet Pack in it.

You can also go to the contraband desk in the Control Room. You don't need to access the Control Room itself for this. All you need is a Screwdriver or Crowbar. You can go into the room between the control center and maintenance room. If you have the Screwdriver, place the desk under the vent and unscrew the vent cover, enter the vent and unscrew the next cover to enter the contraband desk room. If you used the Crowbar, just chip through the wall. Get the Jet Pack from the desk, and be sure to replace the Vent Covers or Wall Block when you leave.


The Jet Pack is used in the singleplayer-only escape method from USS Anomaly. To escape using this method you will need:

Once you have all these items, you have to get in the room with the Red Door and the dogs, located in the west of the prison. Go in the room and go to the northwest corner of the warden's office and interact with the small green switch.

See U.S.S. Anomaly#Race From Space for details.