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Jingle Cells is a free bonus prison. It follows the events of the free DLC item Santa's Sweatshop. The prison is available on PC, console, and mobile versions. This was the last bonus prison to be released before The Escapists 2.



08:00-09:00 Morning Rollcall
09:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:00-13:00 Leisure/Work Period
13:00-14:00 Exercise Period
14:00-17:00 Free Period
17:00-18:00 Evening Meal
18:00-21:00 Leisure/Work Period
21:00-22:00 Shower Block
22:00-23:00 Evening Rollcall
23:00-08:00 Lights out


  • Kitchen (Default)
  • Tailor
  • Woodshop
  • Deliveries
  • Metalshop

Exclusive Items[]

Sleigh Items[]

Crafting Items[]

Other Items[]


Item Requirements Intelligence
Thruster.png Thruster Fuel.png Fuel x1 + Lighter.png Lighter x1 + Metal Tube.png Metal Tube x1 None
Makeshift Compass.png Makeshift Compass Bowl of Water.png Bowl of Water x1 + Magnetized Needle.png Magnetized Needle x1 + Cork.png Cork x1 None
Navigation Lighting.png Navigation Lighting High Beam Flashlight.png High Beam Flashlight x1 + Work Hat.png Work Hat x1 + Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape x1 None
Magnetized Needle.png Magnetized Needle Needle.png Needle x1 + Magnet.png Magnet x1 None
Bowl of Water.png Bowl of Water Bowl.png Bowl x1 + Bottle of Water.png Bottle of Water x1 None
High Beam Flashlight.png High Beam Flashlight Flashlight.png Flashlight x1 + Halogen Bulb.png Halogen Bulb x1 None
Juicy Cooked Carrots.png Juicy Cooked Carrots Cook Raw Nasty Carrots.png Raw Nasty Carrots in an oven None


You will need:

Thruster.png Thruster

Makeshift Compass.png Makeshift Compass

Navigation Lighting.png Navigation Lighting

Juicy Cooked Carrots.png Juicy Cooked Carrots

Bed Dummy.png Bed Dummy

Fake Fence.png Fake Fence

Flimsy Cutters.png Flimsy Cutters or higher

Plastic Cell Key.png Plastic Cell Key (Optional)

Plastic Utility Key.png Plastic Utility Key

Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit

Flimsy Pickaxe.png Flimsy Pickaxe or higher (Optional)

Poster.png Poster x2 (Optional)

Plastic Work Key.png Plastic Work Key (Optional)

Fake Vent Cover.png Fake Vent Cover (Optional)

Screwdriver.png Screwdriver or higher (Optional)

When you first start this game, you will automatically have the Kitchen Job. Hold onto it, as it is an imperative job for one of the four items needed to be added to the sleigh. If you want, you can chip the northern wall of your cell to enable you access to the utility tunnel, then stash contraband down the right-hand side. Use a Poster.png Poster to hide the hole. After lights out, you can chip through the wall after the first one too and place an additional poster there. This can serve as your gateway in and out of your cell block. On console, you can chip into the cell next to yours for free access in and out of your room, even during lights out. Work on your stats and then seek out the first officer. This will be the person who leads rollcalls. Bring him down where possible and make a copy of his key. Take his Guard Outfit.png Guard Outfit as well for yourself, and if you'd like to, take his Baton.png Baton as well, in order to de-fang his attacks in the future. He may also have a Flashlight.png Flashlight as well. You will need this later, so take it. If you need to, you can make a Plated POW Outfit.png Plated POW Outfit by taking someone's outfit when they're down and using that. The guards won't bat an eye to you outside of your regular outfit. As such, you can armour yourself in this prison, should you need to do so. Once you have made a copy of the first officer's key, it's time to track down the third officer on the roster. This will be one of the two officers that attend all group periods, rollcall included, but does not speak. Make a copy of his key and again, take his baton to de-fang his future attacks, if you want.

Now using your guard outfit, head to the southeast of the prison, where there is a blue door. Use the outfit to get through the door and into where the guards sleep. Inside that room is a crate to the bottom-left. This holds a Cork.png Cork, a component for one of the items needed to escape. Everything else in there is not relevant. Be warned that this is a restricted area. As such, make sure the coast is clear before you go inside, otherwise guards will recognise and attack you. It is ill-advised to do this at lights out, as many guards are sleeping in there at that time. Unless you have a high amount of strength and are sure you can endure their attacks, find a moment during the daytime to do this safely when the guards are on duty.

Next is the fence to the north of the prison. It is currently a holding pen for reindeer. This will need to be dealt with during lights out, so prepare a Bed Dummy.png Bed Dummy in advance. Once the time is right, plant the dummy in your bed, grab your Flimsy Cutters.png Flimsy Cutters and your Fake Fence.png Fake Fence, and then put on your guard outfit and proceed to the reindeer pen. Cut the east side of the fence to get inside (Guards are less likely to see you here. They can still see the hole however). Once through, rush to the crate in there and grab a Bowl.png Bowl and Bottle of Water.png Bottle of Water and craft them together into a Bowl of Water.png Bowl of Water first, then grab some Raw Nasty Carrots.png Raw Nasty Carrots afterwards. The Red Herring.png Red Herring is - as the name implies - a red herring. It is not needed for escaping. Once you have the bowl of water and carrots, quickly exit the pen and place your fake fence in the hole.

If there's still plenty of time in the night and you have a Screwdriver.png Screwdriver or Lightweight Cutters.png Lightweight Cutters, you can make your move on the next area. Return to your cell and grab your screwdriver and Plastic Utility Key.png Plastic Utility Key (And Plastic Cell Key.png Plastic Cell Key if you don't have it already). Then head to where the gym and showers are at. There is a utility tunnel in there with a table. Stand on the table to see a vent. If you don't have a screwdriver, you will need a Fake Vent Cover.png Fake Vent Cover here and need to use your cutters to cut through the vent, otherwise you can simply unscrew it. Whichever your approach, get into the vents (Placing either the fake vent cover or Vent Cover.png Vent Cover back down to cover your tracks) and head to the left. There will be a ladder to the roof. There are also two searchlights sweeping this roof. Avoid them and head south along a metal beam. There will also be a ladder. Climb down it, and you'll be in the garage. Inside a crate here is Fuel.png Fuel and a Halogen Bulb.png Halogen Bulb. Take both and return to the roof. You can jump off the metal beam and land on the ground down below to avoid having to go back through the vents. It should be nearing daytime now, so return to your cell before the Tower Guards show up, and wait out the rest of the night. While you wait, combine the flashlight you got from the first officer, with the halogen bulb to create a High Beam Flashlight.png High Beam Flashlight.

The next day, take the raw nasty carrots with you to work and cook them in one of the ovens. You need to still have your kitchen job to be allowed to access the ovens. Getting into the kitchen forcefully and trying to use the ovens won't work. Once the carrots are cooked, you will be given Juicy Cooked Carrots.png Juicy Cooked Carrots which is a quarter of the items needed to escape. Continue your job as usual after this. As the carrots are not considered contraband, you won't have to worry about hiding them.

Now for the next part, you can do one of two things: Either take the tailor or metalshop job, or make a Plastic Work Key.png Plastic Work Key. If choosing the latter option, you will need to find the fifth officer on the roster. This is one of the two officers with flashlights during evening rollcall, but is not at the rollcall itself. He will be wandering around with his flashlight out. Once again, take his baton if you want, to de-fang his future attacks. If you chose to take one of the two jobs, you will need to enter the room of the job you've chosen where a crate is sitting. In the tailor job, there will be a Needle.png Needle in the crate. In the metalshop job, there will be a Metal Tube.png Metal Tube, Work Hat.png Work Hat, and Magnet.png Magnet. All of the four aforementioned items are crucial to your escape. Once you have the items from one crate, use the Flimsy Pickaxe.png Flimsy Pickaxe to chip through the wall into the other job room and take the item(s) from the other crate. Then head back into your work room and drop the wall block back into place, before heading out of your green door. If you have the key however, you can simply walk into both rooms individually and take the crate contents.

Return to your cell to begin crafting. You're almost complete. Combine the magnet and needle to make a Magnetized Needle.png Magnetized Needle, and then combine that with the Bowl of Water.png Bowl of Water and Cork.png Cork to make a Makeshift Compass.png Makeshift Compass. Next, combine the Metal Tube.png Metal Tube Fuel.png Fuel with a Lighter.png Lighter to create a Thruster.png Thruster. Once that's done, combine the high beam flashlight, work hat, and a Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape to make some Navigation Lighting.png Navigation Lighting. Now you have everything you need to escape. You can choose to escape at any time you like. Take the Navigation Lighting.png Navigation Lighting, Makeshift Compass.png Makeshift Compass, Thruster.png Thruster, and Juicy Cooked Carrots.png Juicy Cooked Carrots to the sleigh and attach them to it in that order. Once you use the carrots, the game will end.


There is an assortment of glitches in this prison.

  • (Console) if you cut the East side of the Reindeer pen you can walk over it but can't place a fake fence cover and so you will be sent to solitary.
  • (Console) Some inmates do not sleep and walk around after lights out and the guards will not care.
  • (Console) Your cell is the only cell that locks at night.
  • (Console) Distraction favors do not work.
  • Guards will sometimes yell at you during meal-time even if you are in the canteen,
  • The cell bars that are covered with bed sheets aren't displayed even though they are covered.
  • (PC) when you place a fake wall, the fake wall block is invisible, and you can pass through it, the guards and inmates don't see the hole.
  • (Mobile) one of the inmates will walk outside during shower period. That inmate still the random shower time quotes, but doesn’t undress or get noticed by the guards.
  • (Mobile) you cannot seem to place the required items on to the sleigh, making escape from this prison impossible