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The player's Journal (opened by pressing the J key), contains a list of embarked favors, their description (The Escapists 2 only), and reward. The Journal can also be opened by clicking on the 'Journal' icon on the left of the screen (the Escapists).

In The Escapists 2, you are able to prioritize favours in a journal by clicking on their names. A prioritized favour will have a green circle next to its name on the journal. It will show its instructions on the right of the screen. A pin will appear on the map to show you the locations of associated items or characters, and a yellow arrow will guide you to that location. You can also decline favours by clicking the red 'X' right next to each favour name.

Adjacent to the journal tab is the crafting tab. Open it and you will see useful crafting techniques, as well as a list of known crafting recipes. To learn more, see Crafting.

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