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Land mines are a special obstacle present in The Escapists. They only appear in San Pancho. They only appear underground. They displace a normal dirt block and can be seen in a tunnel. They appear as a large, silver disk with a flashing red/green light. If the player touches the space a land mine occupies, it will explode and deal an infinite amount of damage, immediately knocking out the player and sending him/her to the Infirmary if in the day time, and back to their cell at night. there is no way to defend yourself from a mine explosion. Armor and max health with 100 strength will still knock you out. On the ground layer, they cannot be seen, and will explode if they player steps on a space within 3 blocks of an underground mine, again instantly knocking them out. There is no way to tell where a mine is on the ground layer, and the player must be extremely cautious when walking on ground where land mines are present.


Whenever land mines are present (they only appear in San Pancho but can be placed in custom maps made in the editor, so beware) you must either find where land mines are not present, which can be tedious, frustrating and time consuming, or, optimally, dig a tunnel from an area the player can easily access and conceal the entrance to. Land mines will not explode if the player digs the dirt surrounding them underground, and it is safe to walk past them, but the player must exercise extreme caution while digging a tunnel through the mine field, as displacing a dirt space adjacent to a mine will allow the player to accidentally step on the mine. So be VERY careful moving in your tunnel with a land mine directly adjacent to an open space, as one slip in movement is all it takes to set one off.

Often, mines will appear directly in your path, requiring you to dig around them. This is safe to do, but may require extra Timber Braces to continue digging the tunnel. Also, this may require you to open up more spaces adjacent to mines, making it tricky and dangerous to navigate the tunnel.

Digging a tunnel through a mine field will generate a lot of dirt. Be sure to have a plan for disposing large quantities of dirt.

Entering your tunnel with a flashlight or candle in your inventory will greatly expand the light circle around your player character, illuminating more underground dirt spaces and allowing you to see further to spot exactly where mines are ahead of your tunnel.


Land mines can be placed in custom prisons made in the in-game editor. To place land mines, select the underground layer and place the 3x3 checkered red square located in the "security" objects tab. Select the area you want to spawn mines in and click the map. You should see the 3x3 checkered red square on your map in underground layer to indicate that mines will spawn there. When the prison is played, two land mines will be randomly spawned in one of the 9 tiles in the 3x3 space that you placed the red square in. Unfortunately, it is not possible to place single land mine exactly where you want them. A one square thick outline around your prison with no gaps is adequate enough to completely stop the player from escaping on the ground layer. However, you can place multiple squares next to each other to force the player to dig a longer tunnel.