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For the job, see Jobs#Library.

The Library or Social is a room where you can gain Intellect through the reading of books. It can (usually) be freely accessed throughout the day.


In the library, you are able to find bookshelves and computers (the Escapists only). In The Escapists 2, not all Social areas have bookshelves. Interacting with these objects will bring up a minigame. Once a round of the minigame is completed, your Intellect will increase while your Fatigue will rise / Stamina will be drained. Once your Fatigue/Stamina level is at risk, you will automatically exit the minigame. If you try to interact with the bookshelf/computer while exhausted, you will fail and your character will say a "tired" quote (e.g. "I could really do with a rest").

Sometimes, Libraries have objects such as chairs, desks, lockers, and interactable instruments. These musical instruments can be used by the player or even NPCs, but have no gameplay function. You may also find maintenance staff wandering around the area.