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"Life... finds a way."

The Medic is a character in The Escapists. These are the people who save lives when people are lying unconscious. In the Escapists, the screen will fade in and out and you will awake lying on an infirmary bed.


The Escapists[]

There is only one medic per prison in the original game and they will wander around the infirmary saying random quotes. They are presumably the person that takes the player to the infirmary when they are knocked out. Medics are also immune to attacks.

The Escapists 2[]

Medics now serve a much bigger purpose in The Escapists 2. There are now multiple medics per prison and they now actively pick up and bring unconscious inmates & guards to an infirmary bed. Whilst doing this, they will also take all inmate contraband (including contraband outfits), and redress you in an inmate outfit (if you didn't already have one). They will ignore everything else: dropped contraband, broken walls, fighting inmates, holes in the room, impostor medics stealing stuff from the medic desk - they don't care. Medics will spend most of their time in the infirmary, wandering and waiting until people need rescuing. Occasionally they will sit in chairs, mop the floor clean, and search medic desks.

Medics are immune to attacks, as they are in the original game. They are able to locate anybody at any place, deploying shortly after a character is knocked out. Medics have extremely high running speed, faster than a player can achieve, and, if the player is carrying around a knocked-out character, medics will cause the character to be 'dropped' on contact. They have access to every single door, even the guard-only one (multiplayer-only areas have silver doors, allowing access for guards and medics.) In spite all of this, there are some bugs that inhibit medics from completing their objective. For example, if you're lying unconscious underground, medics will only be able to enter, but they can't exit.


Medics are seen wearing cyan medic outfits and face masks. They do not wield an item in hand (except when they are mopping). On the map, they are shown as a person icon with a cyan shirt.


By putting on certain outfits, you are able to disguise yourself as a medic, granting you access to medic doors. For more information, see Infirmary Outfit or Medic Outfit.