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Medic Outfit
The Escapists 2 Item
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Will be confiscated

The Medic Outfit is a The Escapists 2-exclusive counterpart of the easily-crafted Infirmary Outfit. When worn, it has the same function as an Infirmary Outfit. Wearing a medic outfit will grant you access to the medic-only doors and the medic desk in the infirmary.


The Medic Outfit can be used to disguise yourself as a medic, functioning just like a Guard Outfit. It grants you many privileges when watched by guard eyes. When given as a gift, it adds 10 opinion. However, the main use of the Medic Outfit is for favours.


When accepting a certain variation of the "Fashion Victim" favour, a Medic Outfit will spawn in a random inmate desk. To complete the favour, you are required to give it to the requester, however, you can use it for your own purposes.

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