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Multiplayer is one of the new game features that was introduced in The Escapists 2. It is not available in the first The Escapists. The various multiplayer options include:

  • Co-op
  • Local game (LAN)
  • Online (Public or Friends-Only)
  • Splitscreen (Offline)
  • Versus

Online Multiplayer (co-op) allows you to play with a maximum of 4 people online. Split-screen Multiplayer allows you to play locally with multiple controllers to one console. However, some escapes can't be done in multiplayer like "My little Phoney" in Cougar Creek Railroad prison or "Meet The Crew" in Center Perks 2.0. Conversely, some escapes require multiplayer to be accomplished.

Versus Mode is a race to see who can escape the prison first in a one day race. there are no snipers (you can cut/chip/dig outside freely), no routines and no lockdowns. Also, all items purchasable from fellow inmates are free of charge.

Tips for Versus mode[]


In Versus Mode, all players' desks will start full of useful contraband, including a Comb Shiv, Wad of Putty, Molten Plastic, materials to make another Putty & Plastic, plus enough materials to make a Flimsy Shovel, Flimsy Cutters OR Flimsy Pickaxe (but only one of them - use the materials wisely!). In addition, inmates' desks will also have unique loot - some may even have similar stashes to your own starting desk.

Shops will offer different loot, often ranging from basic food items and materials to rare components, contraband and even complete weaponry. Items are free of charge.

Individual Prisons[]

  • Center Perks 2.0: The Perimeter Breakout can be orchestrated with just a Crowbar. Get to the west of the prison, just south of the meal hall, and find the small room with a purple door that borders the prison. Using your crowbar, chip out the wall - it's obvious what you do from there.
  • Cougar Creek Railroad: The items for the Pretend Carrot have a habit of appearing near the cell carriage. Knock out other players if they’ve been taken already. Don't worry about losing the carrot, as it is not contraband (It could get stolen by a player, though.)
  • Rattlesnake Springs: Grab the Crowbar from your desk. Head to the middle of the south second floor and use it to chip through the wall next to the chair. They will double as a weapon to deal with any interfering Guards.
  • H.M.S Orca: The Tubing can turn up in the medic desk near the cells. Check the area near the engine bay first, as there are three desks for the items to turn up in. And if you loose some important items, the contraband has an obvious trail...
  • H.M.P Offshore: Get/Craft some Nunchucks, a few Makeshift Stunguns, or any Weapons and flatten guards until you get a Red Key. Go to the helicopter (the wiki page for this prison explains where.) Don’t bother with making a copy, because you can make it to the helicopter without triggering Lockdown. However the Dogs will still be deployed, and if you aren't fast enough, you'll get knocked out.
  • If you forget some crafting recipes, then look at the Crafting page.

Co-op Tips[]

To begin a split-screen co-op game, open any game file in "Offline" mode. Press any button on a second connected controller and choose a character. Any money or progress made with this character will not be saved after closing the session. All items will be dropped in a "swag bag" after the guest player leaves the game.