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The Multi-Tool is the best digging/chipping tool in The Escapists and The Escapists 2.

The Multitool is 5/5 for both digging and chipping. Like a Sturdy Pickaxe it takes 5 uses on a wall to chip through (20% per successful chip), and can rapidly destroy rocks and walls. Digging dirt underground takes 3 uses on a dirt space to clear it (33% on each dirt space, 50% per dig in TE2, meaning 2 hits), just like a Sturdy Shovel, and 5 uses to dig a hole up or down (20% per dig, also 50% per dig in TE2, also 2 hits). The Multitool only degrades 1% per use (5% in TE2). It is capable of digging 33 dirt spaces underground chipping through 20 wall blocks. However, in TE2 the Multitool can only destroy 10 things total, walls or floor. There is no way to repair or upgrade a Multitool, so a larger operation will require entirely new tools.


This item can only be obtained by crafting and is never found in inmates' desks or sold by inmates. It cannot be found in a Prisoner Stash.


Result Components INT
Multitool.png Multitool Sturdy Shovel.png Sturdy Shovel x1 + Sturdy Pickaxe.png Sturdy Pickaxe x1 + Roll of Duct Tape.png Roll of Duct Tape x1 90


Result As a component INT
Multitool te2.png Multitool Sturdy Shovel te2.png Sturdy Shovel x1 + Sturdy Pickaxe te2.png Sturdy Pickaxe x1 + Roll of Duct Tape Escapists 2.png Roll of Duct Tape x1 70+