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== Update 6.1 verson

Update #5[]

Hi Warden Chris here, back with another update.

First up, another new map. This time we’re dropping you in a compound in the middle of the jungle. This prison ramps up the difficulty somewhat by adding a few new obstacles and mechanics into the mix. Getting beyond the prison walls won’t be enough..

I’ve also opened up the leaderboards for the more competitive amongst you. If you’ve escaped within the past month or so you’ll probably find yourself in there.

There’s the usual round of bugfixes and gameplay tweaks- the full changelog is posted below. Any issues, bugs, problems, feedback praise? As always, happy to hear!


Changelog (Build 433504)[]


  • Jungle Compound map
  • Leaderboards


  • When cameras spot you doing anything serious they'll send a guard to location
  • Doors don't manually require unlocking/locking now. You'll just walk through if you have the key
  • Due to the above, removed the buggy 'Guards found unlocked door' event
  • Dirt can be used to fill indoor holes as well as outdoor now
  • Can now fill in holes from below ground like you can above

Bug Fixes[]

  • Wearing guard outfit in sight of towers during day raises suspicion (heat)
  • Generator timer no longer counts down while paused
  • Contraband pouch does not decay unless smuggling illegal item
  • Missing shadow tile on silver door
  • Fixes to distraction favours not working