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Update #3 - The Shankton Redemption[]

Rollcall- it’s update time!

First up we have a new map added called Shankton State Pen. It’s a medium security prison that holds 20 inmates- you might have seen it from very early press footage or demos of the game.

You can now customize NPC names, you now have the option to rename all the inmates and guards you’ll be spending time with, if that’s your thing.

Crafting notes have been changed a little as well. You don’t have to collect them each prison as they’re saved ‘globally’ as it were. Also when you craft an item not in your journal, it gets added to it.

You’ll no longer find crafting notes laid out in hard to reach areas of the prison, I’ve swapped them out for Prisoner Stashes instead. These are basically loot chests that you click and they give you a decent item (files, shovels etc). This should encourage people to explore a little into the nooks and crannies of each map.

That’s the main new adds covered, but there’s also things like map unique items, new animations, and the infirmary staff NPC which I’ve put in too.

As always, drop us your feedback, suggestions, and issues here on the forum, love to hear what you think.

Happy escaping! Chris

PS: We did mention last time that the price would increase on this update, but we’re going to hold back on that now until the next one in a few weeks time.

Changelog (Build 426241)[]


  • Shankton State Pen map
  • Option to rename all inmates and guards
  • List of items added, mostly map specific
  • Prisoner stash crates (loot)
  • New animations - chipping, cutting, digging, cleaning, weeding
  • Infirmary Staff NPC


  • Crafting notes are now saved universal, not limited to a specific run
  • Crafting note is added to journal when crafting an item not already in
  • Custom maps section on prison select ready for future map editor levels
  • Updated items that can be eaten/taken for HP/fatigue
  • Capped the amount of times you can spam giving inmates items to prevent OPN abuse

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed rotated vent slats
  • Giving NPCs cash now works
  • Inmates not fighting amongst themselves
  • Steam offline mode bug fixed
  • Making overalls from POW Outfit
  • Filling in holes and re-digging it bug sorted
  • Typo in Stalag Flucht warden welcome
  • Loud page sound when scrolling journal crafting notes
  • Attempted fix for not listing save files on title