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Opinion is a factor that allows you to see what a guard or inmate thinks of you. If an inmate has an opinion of above 90, you can recruit them to fight with you by pressing 'A'. If an inmate or guard has a red or orange name tag, it means they have a low opinion of you. A yellow name tag means they are neutral. A green name tag means they have a high opinion of you. The statistic can be seen on another inmate's factor list however, the player doesn't have the factor. Inmates with a extremely low opinion of you may randomly attack you. Inmates will also sell items at higher prices if their opinion of you is low. For example, an inmate might sell duct tape for $30 when their opinion of you is low, but if it were high, they may sell it for $17 instead.

Inmates will call the guards if they catch you chipping a wall, digging, or anything the guards would punish the player for. If inmates have a high enough opinon of you, they will not call the guards when you are doing something bad. It is worth getting a high opinion of other inmates in prisons such as Jungle Compund and Stalag Fluct, as they will turn you in if they catch you doing something illegal.

It is also worth getting high opinions of guards. For example, if you put bed sheets on your cell bars, and a guard sees them, if their opinion is less than 30, they will remove them. It may also be worth getting a high opinion on the guard who calls out cell searches. A guard is more likely to call your name for shakedown when their opinion of you is below 40.

Increasing Opinion

A character's opinion of the player can be improved several ways:

  • Giving them certain items or money increases opinion depending on what item/quantity of money given. About ten money yields one OPN point. Note that items can't be gifted to guards on the PC version.
  • Chatting with guards/other inmates boosts their opinion by one every two quotes they say.
  • Completing favours gives a large boost to opinion.
  • Opinion increases by up to 2.5 per day if it is under 50.
Decreasing Opinion

An NPC's opinion of the player can deteriorate in several ways:

  • Denying a favour. This can be avoided by clicking the "Maybe" button instead of the "No" button. This will save the opinion, and the favour will still be available.
  • Stealing from that inmate's desk while they're watching.
  • Fighting with that inmate or guard.
  • Pushing them off of their chair during mealtime or off of their workout machine during workout.
Items that Increase Opinion
Opinion Gained Items
- Opinion Dirt
+1 Opinion Pack of Mints, Guard Outfit, Lighter, Bottle of Medicine, Timber, Roll of Duct Tape, Bottle of Sleeping Pills, Hoe, Hedge Trimmers, Infirmary Overalls, Length of Rope, Pack of Playing Cards, Book, Tub of Talcum Powder, Candle, Foil, Die, Flimsy Pickaxe, Flimsy Cutters, Bed Dummy, Cushioned Inmate Outfit, Padded Inmate Outfit, Cushioned POW Outfit, Padded POW Outfit, Coconut, Mango, Nails, Stinger Strip
+9 Opinion Cooked Food
+10 Opinion Cell Key, Staff Key, Entrance Key, Utility Key, Watch, Magazine, Screwdriver, Baton, Hammer, Trowel, Work Key, Bar of Chocolate, Flashlight, File, Razor Blade, Toothbrush Shiv, Poster, DIY Tattoo Kit, Cup of Molten Chocolate, Game Set, Comb Shiv, Lightweight Pickaxe, Lightweight Cutters, Crafting Note, Comb Blade, Plated Inmate Outfit, Medikit, Plated POW Outfit, Burrito, Tribal Drum, Wooden Bat, Spiked Bat, Cutting Floss, Powered Screwdriver
+15 Opinion Sturdy Shovel, Glass Shank, Crowbar, Sturdy Pickaxe, Sturdy Cutters, Sock Mace, Super Sock Mace, Nunchuks, Whip, Knuckle Duster, Lightweight Shovel, Flimsy Shovel, Contraband Pouch, ID Papers, Multitool, Durable Contraband Pouch, Penarium Barrel