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Pastry Case
The Escapists 2 Item
Pastry Case.png
Won't be confiscated

The Pastry Case is an item in The Escapists 2, used to create the Mince Pie and Uncooked Pie.


It can be found in desks in the prison Santa's Shakedown. It is also obtainable from the refrigerator in the kitchen of any prison if you have the Kitchen Job.


The Pastry Case is used in the following recipe:

Result Components Int
Mince Pie te2.png Mince Pie Jar of Mince te2.png Jar of Mince + Pastry Case.png Pastry Case 40+
Uncooked Pie.png Uncooked Pie Pastry Case.png Pastry Case x1 + Pie Filling.png Pie Filling x1 40+