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The Plastic Fork is an easy to obtain and weak tool and weapon usable to chip walls or attack prisoners.

Plastic Fork
Plastic Fork.png
"Fork it over" - ???
ItemID: 28
Won't be confiscated
Limited-Use Item
Weapon 1 / 5
Chipping 1 / 5
Plastic Fork
The Escapists 2 Item
Plastic Fork te2.png
Won't be confiscated
Limited-Use Item
Uses 7
1% per use


Chipping a wall using this will decrease the wall's durability by 4% (1% in TE2). Every use decreases their durability by 15%. Using 4 Plastic Forks you can break 1 wall tile. In mobile versions of TE1 it takes 5 forks to break a wall, meaning 20% for each fork.

In TE2, it takes 15 forks to break a wall.


It can be found in the Food Hall's utensils tray like the plastic knives and spoons. In TE1, it is also found in desks of inmates, in pockets of inmates, and can be bought from inmates (in TE2, it is only sold in Area 17).

In Console and Mobile versions, the spatula looks almost identical to the plastic fork, so it is not to be confused with such. The difference can be told because the spatula is bigger than the plastic fork. Prisoners may ask for spatulas in favors.