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Plastic Keys are items in The Escapists which, like the Key, can be used to open a certain type door depending on the key type. The purpose of Plastic Keys is for the Player to be able to obtain a key without being sent to solitary (TE1) or initiating lockdown (TE2).


  • A plastic key loses 10% durability per use. Therefore it can only be used 10 times. On the Console and Mobile it loses 25% durability after each use.
  • Doors automatically close behind you.
  • You are unable to use the plastic key to create a new key mold.
  • If you are going through a double door the key will only degrade once. (Twice on mobile)


  • Make sure to put the key back or quickly make the plastic key, because if a guard wakes up without his key, you will be sent to solitary, and make sure if you have full guard heat to be inside and away from other guards! On certain versions (Console TE2, Mobile TE1<-- verify if there are more! --!>) having a Wad of Putty in your inventory allows you to make a Key Mold without taking the original key by pressing a hotkey when the key is hovered over.
  • Should the Player fail to put the key back in time, they can merely drop it on the floor and hide in their cell during Lockdown, said key will eventually be found thus ending the lockdown. (TE2 only)


The Escapists[]

Result Components INT
Plastic Keys.gif Plastic Key Key Mold.png Key Mold (Color) + Molten Plastic.png Molten Plastic 80

The Escapists 2[]

Result Components INT
Plastic Keys te2.gif Plastic Key Key Mould te2.png Key Mold (Color) + Molten Plastic te2.png Molten Plastic 60+