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Precinct 17 is one of the maps in The Escapists 2.


A single-player only tutorial prison. It has the original music for Shankton State Pen and the Escapists 1's routine and lock down music. You play as a character named Robinson, who, according to the beginning cutscene, is on a beach explaining his escape to a friend. After you escape, another cutscene plays, returning to Robinson and his friend on the beach. Robinson says he doubts 'they' will ever catch him again, and right after he does so, police officers and a host of different vehicles show up.


This optional holding centre for wrongdoers is the perfect location to learn or indeed refresh yourself with the basics you'll need when fully incarcerated.


It's a tutorial and there will be guides to teach you how to escape. These guides come in the form of Robinson's explanations, showing up as speech bubbles in the top left. You are restricted in action to what the guide is telling you to do (you can't attack, for example, if the guide wants you to dig.)

Many items and game features in this prison are altered: the tools Robinson uses have different stats from ordinary tools, for example, his Pickaxe (with the appearance of a Flimsy Pickaxe) chips one tile, more than a real Flimsy one would. Besides tools, he is also able to knock out an inmate in one hit with a Sock Mace, steal a Key from the inmate without causing lockdown, and evade guards when a Lockdown is shown (because of this, the tutorial is not an accurate depiction of gameplay.)


  • Precinct 17 may be located in a cleared out part of a tropical island as Robinson and his friend may have escaped into the island's jungles.
  • However, there is a boat at the island and Robinson was probably detained at a desert country. After he escaped, he took a raft and landed on the island with his friend. This raft appears to be the one used in an escape from Air Force Con.
  • Robinson is a permanent Inmate in Center Perks 2.0. There, he has a unique red Favour icon which teaches you the basics of cutting, chipping and digging to aid in future Perimeter Breakouts.
  • The vehicles that show up in the end cutscene correspond to different prisons. The helicopter appears as part of escapes in H.M.S Orca, H.M.P Offshore and possibly The Glorious Regime, the boat appears in H.M.P Offshore, and the large ship appears to be HMS Orca itself.
  • Perhaps the name of the prison: "presinct 17" is a reference to "Team 17"