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The prison editor allows you to create your own prisons. Your prison can currently have all types of doors, prisoner stashes, customized warden notes and names (as well as prison names), customized amounts of guards and inmates with a minimum of 5 for both and a maximum of 15 guards and 20 inmates, and their cells.

The prison editor also allows you to set the background music, NPC levels, prison style and their 'ground' type, for info on creating your own prison, please view this steam community post link (archived).

You can also play other community prisons made downloaded via Steam Workshop (though there are third party sites that you can download too) Note that the prison editor is only available in the PC version of the game.

The Basics - Create a Prison, the "Properties" Panel and the Layers[]

Once you open the prison editor, there will be nothing. You will have to make a new prison by going over to Project and pressing New from a dropdown menu. After that, a prompt will appear. It will feature a menu in which you can write the prison's name and where you can select the tileset.

The prompt.

After you enter a name and select the tileset, a Properties menu will appear. This is where you can change the amount of Inmates, Guards and whether the prison should be an Inside one (going outside without a guard outfit will cause you to have 99% heat), outside one, or an inside-outside one, which allows you to go outside as long as it's 10:00-22:00. You will also be able to change the NPC level, where low means NPCs will have high to medium opinion of the player and be weak. Medium means that the NPCs have average to low opinion and have around 40-50 strength and/or speed. High means that the NPCs will hate the player, have 60-80 strength and/or speed. You will also be able to change the floor, the leisure music or the prison security style. The prison security style matters, as there are four.

  • Low Security (MinSec) means that the guards will have different, more sillier roll call speech and a more freer schedule with more free time and a lunch, being similar to Center Perks.
  • Medium Security (MedSec) will have guards' roll call speech be stricter. The routine will be similar to Shankston State Pen. Lunch is skipped.
  • High Security (MaxSec) will have a way more stricter routine, similarly to HMP Iron Gate. (To do: Confirm whether High Security arms the guards with stun batons or not)
  • POW Camp (Camp) will have a more labour-oriented schedule, with there being 2 work periods. Otherwise, it is the same as Medium Security.

Next, you can type in the warden's name and the letter. The letter can be really long, but it is recommended to only type the most important and get a tiny plot, for example:

«Welcome to The Sanctuary. I know what you did; you escaped several times, so I relocated you here personally. If you want to escape, then try to get past the toughly trained security, landmines, a patrol vehicle, water and snipers. Even if you make it out alive, I'll find you and I'll get you back in here.»

You also will be able to select the perimeter size. Be warned that when the player enters the perimeter (even in a guard uniform!) they will have 99% heat instantly. The perimeter should only be used for outside the main fence.

The Basics[]

"Tiles" Panel:[]

The tiles panel is usually located to the right of the screen. It features tiles depending on the tileset you picked, but it always contains a fence, an electric fence, some bars, walls and floors. It is notable, that Stalag Flucht has snow variants of the fences.

"Objects" Panel:[]

The objects panel is usually located below the tiles panel. It contains multiple objects to use in your prison, however some objects that are in the prisoners are, in fact, missing.


The doors have multiple door types. These include:

  • A normal door that doesn't lock itself. Rarely used.
  • A cell block door that locks itself about 40 in-game minutes after lights out or when all the prisoners are in their cells. It opens only with a key or when the morning roll call is initiated.
  • A purple door which is used for outside-inside areas. It automatically opens at 10 AM and locks at 10 PM.
  • A utility door which is used for out-of-access areas that simplify the escape, like generators, ladders and other.
  • Multiple green doors that block the access to job equipment. These can only be opened by inmates that have the job or by the guards.
  • A red door which is used for guard-only or staff-only areas.
  • A white master door which can only be opened by guards, but can also be opened after a takeover. It has no key for it.
  • A utility door used for vents. It is 100% similar to the utility door.

Don't abuse the doors too much; all doors should be placed where they do make sense.


The cells tab contains multiple objects that are used for the inmate cells. It contains beds, toilets, desks, a cable TV. Be warned that placing desks outside any cells will cause them to be empty. Even if your cell is unoccupied, you should still place the cell zone there!


The gym tab contains multiple gym equipment to use in, well, gyms. There is 4 speed-raising equipment and 4 strength-raising equipment. These include:

Speed - Treadmill, jogging mat, skipping mat, speed bag.

Strength - Weights, chin up bar, push up mat, punch bag.


The jobs tab contains all equipment required for jobs, and the job bulletin. All job equipment must be in the corresponding job room defined by a zone most of the time.


The waypoints tab contains multiple waypoints. Most of them are used for guards overlooking the inmates during a roll call, lunch time, shower time, gym time, or just walking around. It is also used for inmates; showers, taking food or walking around. Inmates walking around will generate spots if walking inside and the janitor job is present, and walking outside will generate weeds if the gardener job is present. There are also spawn waypoints used for the staff; warden, medic and the job officer. These must be not in any walls and out of sight, so that the player cannot see them spawning. There is also a waypoint for the medic to stand at, and a waypoint for the job officer to stand at.


The security tab has guard-related objects in it. This includes tower guards, scanners, roof spotlights, guard beds, generators and landmines.


The miscellaneous tab is a little bit misleading in its name. It has visiting center chairs, normal chairs, a table, canteen tables, vent slats, ladders, a locker, a computer, a book shelf, prisoner stash, light, infirmary bed, solitary bed, sun lounge, sink and a light.


The jeep tab contains jeep's waypoints. The jeep is optional, but placing waypoints will cause it to spawn at the first one. Make sure to place the waypoints carefully and let them be connected, otherwise the jeep will drive out of bounds. Make sure to not place the jeep waypoints inside the prison.


The zipline tab contains zipline spots and a zipline end. It is used for the roof, but it is completely optional. You will have to use a zipline hook to get on the spot. Don't mix the ends and the spots up!


The zones decide what room is used for what. There are a lot of zones that you can designate, including job zones.

You will always need to have player's cell (YourCell), the amount of beds and desks should match the amount of inmates. You can combine the cells by adding multiple desks and beds into a single cell zone, including the player's cell. Do not make them separate! This will cause the guards to call you out for simply being in your cell.

You will also need to have:

  • Canteen zone (requires chairs, tables and inmate food-taking waypoints)
  • Gym zone
  • Shower zone (requires shower waypoints)
  • Roll call zone (requires roll call waypoints as well)
  • All jobs that are designated in the properties tab (except for librarian and mailman jobs)

The rest are optional, but are recommended. The safe zones are used for the Inside prison style. They define a zone that goes outside, but the inmates in it will not be beaten up or shot unless it's lights out.


The prison editor contains multiple keybinds that you can use.


Hold Q: Hide all objects.

Ctrl+Z: Undo previous placement.

Ctrl+RMB: Fill an area with a selection.

Ctrl+LMB: A pick tool.

Shift+Hold LMB: Copy and paste the held area.

Ctrl+T: Toggle the tiles panel.

Ctrl+O: Toggle the objects panel.

Ctrl+P: Toggle the pausing of prison editor.

Ctrl+Y: Presumably a keybinds menu.

Validate, Use and/or Publish[]

Before exporting a map after making a change, you will have to press Validate. This is where the program checks for errors and tells you what is missing. If there are no errors, you can export the map. Pressing the Publish button will publish the map to the Steam Workshop if you're logined into steam. You also can export the map and use the .cmap to publish the map yourself.

Bugs and errors[]

This section covers bugs and errors.

Game lags on 20 inmates and 11-15 guards[]

Having 20 inmates and more than 10 guards will cause the game to lag. This is possible due to to too much enemies calling in functions.

Objects disappear while placing/selecting a zone[]

This is an unknown bug that rarely happens. While selecting or placing a zone, all objects may disappear. Before modifying big zones, make sure to save.

Guards' names are weird on 20 inmates and 11-15 guards[]

This happens on the same circumstance as the game lag. While naming a 4th or the 6th guard, their names become weird. The 1st guard is named as an inmate.

Stuck in a wall after climbing a ladder up/down[]

This is a bug that happens when you go up/down a ladder, becoming stuck. You should place a ladder in the middle of a 3x3 area to avoid this bug both on the ground, vents and the roof.

Wrong layers[]

If you put objects that aren't meant to be in certain layers (cameras in vents, for example) they will go back to their correct layers. This happens with spotlights, cameras, sun loungers, beds, desks, toilets and a lot more things. Be careful where you place objects!

Using a chair to go through walls[]

If you accidentally place a chair inside a wall and sit on the chair, you will phase through the wall. This can cause a softlock.

Doors randomly disappear in-game, but you can't go through the keyed doors[]

This probably happens because your map is too small and too many guards/inmates are opening doors at the same time. Try to lower the amount of doors and to increase the size of your map.