Performing a prison takeover isn't as easy as it may seem. It takes a lot of planning and strategy.

Performing a prison takeover feels amazing. It is nice to have plated inmate outfit or plated POW outfit so you don't die easy. Also, you should have a good weapon.

You should get your health and speed stats up to a pretty high level to make it easier.

If you aren't strong enough, or you are playing hmp irongate you can use molten chocolate to knock out guards.

You should bring duct tape and whip

Plan it at night, so when you go for the door, the sniper towers won't shoot you. Also you'll need a key to get to the outdoor area when it's dark. Molten Chocolate counts as a knockout. You need to KO 80 percent of the guards. Duct Tape a guard down after you knock them out.

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