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A Prison Takeover is when you take down 80% of the guards of whatever prison you are in before the timer runs out, get the note from the warden that the front door is unlocked, and get past the guards on the towers. This is an escape method that can be performed in any prison.

(Note: Prison Takeovers only work in Escapists 1)


To begin, you should start by recruiting an ally/allies. It is possible to do it yourself, but having more people helping you will make it easier. Secondly, you must take down your first guard, and tie him up with duct tape or rope, then move him to wherever you want to hide him or just leave him there. Repeat with the remaining guards. Note after the 2nd guard is knocked out, (Number of guards that need to be knocked out depends on how many guards there are in that prison on Console) Lockdown will begin, starting from 98 seconds, in Xbox one/Ps4 Editions the timer will start at 3 mins instead of 98 seconds. You must take out the remaining guards before the clock runs out or you will go to solitary and lose all contraband.

Then, once 80% of the guards are down, you will receive a note from the warden saying "You've made your point" and telling you that the front door is open. You may now walk out the front door and you have won, as tower guards won't shoot after a successful takeover.

(Note that you cannot perform a prison takeover without at least 8 molten chocolate and tying up materials on the last prison except on mobile and console versions. It's just extra difficult on those platforms)

1. Get Whip or Nunchucks, as they are 5/5 weapons, and Plated Inmate Outfit, or alternatively Plated POW Outfit, as they both give +3 defense.

2. Get the Medikit from the Infirmary Overalls room in the Infirmary, and some Bottle of Sleeping Pills as well.

3. Bring lots of Rope or Sheet Rope (if you are playing on Xbox or mobile) and Roll of Duct Tape to tie up guards. If you do not do this, the guards will eventually wake up. Alternatively, you could give them sleeping pills if you are lacking the resources but it is not as safe as the option of tying them up.

4. The front door will open if you have knocked out most of the guards. Now you can escape!

There is a way to escape without tying the guards up. Give them sleeping pills or attack the guards in rapid succession. (Doesn't work on PC on HMP-Irongate). Some prisons still require you to do certain processes, e.g Jungle Compound still requires you to give ID papers. London Tower requires you to cut a fence.