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The Escapists: There are currently 6 main prisons, 6 bonus prisons, and 5 DLC prisons included in the game. They all differentiate in quality of security, and all the main prisons get progressively more difficult to escape from.

The Escapists 2: There are currently 8 main prisons if you include Precinct 17, also 3 transport prisons, and 6 DLC prisons which 2 are free and 4 can be bought. the more prisons you beat while doing main prisons or transport prisons, they all slowly get harder. While DLC is just which ones you buy.

The Escapists[]

Main Prisons[]

Center Perks[]

The prison selection screen for Center Perks
Welcome to Center Perks- the most comfortable low security prison of the county. On behalf of all the staff here we wish you a happy and relaxing visit! Should you get bored of the complimentary cable TV, we pride ourselves in many other engaging activities around the grounds.

Center Perks is currently the easiest prison in the game. It includes a fully integrated ventilation system, 5 job options, (janitor, laundry, kitchen, mailman, metal shop), and a lenient schedule with lots of free time. That is why you started there in the first place.

Stalag Flucht[]

The prison selection screen for Stalag Flucht
Sent me another one have they?.. Listen <player name>, I don't have to remind you that Stalag Flucht is famous for housing inmates with a record of escapism, so if you're planning on getting out of this one, think again! Now get yourself settled in, it's going to be a cold, long winter.

Stalag Flucht is an easy prison in the game. It houses two inmates per cell, has 5 job options, (gardening, tailor, library, woodshop, unloading), and enough free time to make yourself feel half comfortable.

Shankton State Pen[]

The prison selection screen for Shankton State Pen
Welcome to Shankton State Pen, your new home for the foreseeable future. Since I've been warden we've had a few daring escapists among us, but they were promptly scooped back up and punished. No one escapes on my watch, so don't get any ideas! If you forget any of the rules around here, the guards batons will be only too glad to remind you!

Shankton State Pen is a moderate prison in the game. It houses one inmate per cell, has 5 job options, (laundry, kitchen, woodshop, metalshop), and medium amounts of free time.

Jungle Compound[]

The prison selection screen for Jungle Compound
Welcome to the jungle! Society has declared you a menace, so we've put you far away from any trace of it. Before you even entertain the thought of escaping, let me remind you that if by some remote chance you make it past the fence, the wall, the perimeter jeeps and the guard checkpoint, there's no surviving out in the wild beyond...

Jungle Compound is a moderate prison in the game. It houses two inmates per cell, has 5 job options, (tailor, laundry, mailman), and medium amounts of free time. Also, to escape you require some Fake ID Papers. This prison is the first one to have a perimeter jeep.

San Pancho[]

The prison selection screen for San Pancho
This is the notorious San Pancho, the roughest, toughest and downright nastiest prison south of the border. The blistering heat and claustrophobic conditions here turns our inmates angry and violent. Even the guards daren't enter!

San Pancho is a hard prison in the game. It houses 4 inmates per cell, has 5 job options, (gardening, tailor, library, kitchen, unloading), and few amounts of free time.


The prison selection screen for HMP-Irongate
Listen here maggot. You know why you're here so no point crying about it. Generally feared as the highest security prison ever, HMP Irongate is where you'll live out the rest of your meaningless existence. Escape you say? Don't make me laugh! The handful of idiots who tried met a watery demise trying to swim off the island. Still, chin up eh?

HMP-Irongate is currently the hardest prison in the game. It houses 1 inmate per cell with 1 security camera in each cell, has 5 job options, (janitor, mailman, woodshop, unloading, metalshop), and minimal amounts of free time, it is also the only main prison which is on an island. Plus, the guards have Stun Rods, meaning that they will instantly kill you. Forget getting a guard outfit from them!

Bonus Prisons[]

Fort Bamford[]

The prison selection screen for Fort Bamford

Fort Bamford is one of the first bonus prisons in the game. It was firstly designed as a prize for escaping all of the prisons, but as plans changed, it ended up being a DLC prison.

Camp Epsilon[]

The prison selection screen for Camp Epsilon

Camp Epsilon is the second prison of the bonus prisons in the game. It features a fenced camp on a Sandy Plain, similar to a desert or savanna.

Paris Central Pen[]

The prison selection screen for Paris Central Pen

Paris Central Pen is the third bonus prison added to the game. In this prison you can use a zipline to escape.

London Tower[]

The prison selection screen for London Tower
(Player)... -A wealthy member of society has accused you of treason, so we've had no choice but to skip the trial and reserve you a bed here, all expenses paid by him! Oh, and that evidence you submitted, seems to have been misplaced... Enjoy your stay, peasant!

London Tower is the fourth bonus prison added to the game. It is based of the real Tower Of London and the map structure resembles the actual Tower.

Banned Camp[]

The prison selection screen for Banned Camp
Dear Client, -The trial was a farce, but as you can see, I was able to pull some last minute strings with my good friend the Judge and get you sent to 'summer camp'. How do you like the place? Nice little quiet spot by the lake, like you always wanted, right? They've forecast a great summer, so enjoy!
~ Lou Pole Attorney At Law

Banned Camp is the 5th bonus prison added to the game.

Jingle Cells[]

The prison selection screen for Jingle Cells
After escaping Santa's Sweatshop, (Player) lost control of the sleigh mid-flight and was forced to make an emergency crash landing. Ironically, this landing was within the grounds of Jingle Cells Prison! The other inmates don't believe (Player)s story, they think he's crazy. Now he's doing hard time with the rest of them. Only one thing to do- repair the sleigh and fly out of there!

Jingle Cells is a free prison added to the game and follows the events of the free DLC item Santa's Sweatshop.


Fhurst Peak Correctional[]

The prison selection screen for Fhurst Peak Correctional

Fhurst Peak Correctional Facility is the first prison of the DLC prisons in the game, and was the first prison, being created in the early access phase and later removed and remade as DLC. It is considered one of the harder prisons. It was given out for free to people who owned an early-access copy of the game as thanks from Team 17 for testing the game.


The prison selection screen for Alcatraz
Well I never! Of all the prisons in the world, you went and landed yourself in mine.

Now I really don't want to dampen your spirits seeing as you're the new guy around here, but the fact is you will NEVER leave this island. What is left of your pitiful existence will be spent with me and my boys here in The Rock. Enjoy your stay, punk..

Alcatraz was the second DLC prison to be added to the game. It features custom music and tiles.

It is also one of the only prisons on the mobile edition.

The prison is similar to HMP-Irongate (Irongate is based off of the real-life Alcatraz).

Escape Team[]

The prison selection screen for Escape Team

Escape Team was the third DLC prison added to the game and features custom music and player sprites and more.

Duct Tapes Are Forever[]

The prison seletion screen for DTAF

Duct Tapes Are Forever is the 4th DLC prison.

Santa's Sweatshop[]

The prison seletion screen for Santa's Sweatshop
Fellow Elves, - I'm SICK of this place! Awful pay, no holidays, and a horrible boss! Since Santa's banned all holiday celebrations, I'm going to get revenge by decorating the tree in his room with some festive cheer! Then... I'm outta here! Signed, (Player)

Santa's Sweatshop is the latest DLC added to the game.

The Escapists 2[]

The Escapists 2 introduces Transport Prisons. These are special prisons with different gameplay, read the article for more info.

Main Prisons[]

Precinct 17[]


This a tutorial prison for the character to learn the basics of the game.

Center Perks 2.0[]


After a ridiculous amount of escapes and devastating review from the inspection committee, the warden of Center Perks decided to rip his beloved prison down and rebuild a more secure version. But as the saying goes, 'some people never learn'.

Rattlesnake Springs[]


Howdy, partner! It's well known in the old West that if you evade the hangman's noose, the local Sheriff sends you to Fort Rattlesnake. Rustled up alongside the lowest outlaws in the county, you decide to break out of this calaboose - be it by hook or by crook!

K.A.P.O.W Camp[]


Captured behind enemy lines, you and your squadron find yourself thrown in the notorious K.A.P.O.W. camp. not content with sitting out the rest of the war, you decide to comb your quiff and find a way out of this joint in true Hollywood-hearthrob style!

H.M.P Offshore[]


Nobody's feeling as out-at-sea as these cons do! Someone 'clever' decided this dilapidated drilling platform was the perfect place to lock away lawbreakers - and they were right. With nothing but a sea-view miles around, it's no wonder it has a zero percent escape record.

Fort Tundra[]


*Brrrrrrrr* - Quite the frosty reception! You find yourself packed off to the coldest corner of the Siberian tundra and forced to work in horrible conditions. Before long you find yourself yearning for warmer climates and a way back to civilization!

Area 17[]


This secretive military base in the desert is the definition of high-security. if you can slip by the incredibly dedicated guards you may just come across technology that's out of this world...

U.S.S. Anomaly[]


In the not-too-distant future, an overpaid think tank of pioneers came up with the air-brained notion of Cons in Space. Here we find cosmos-adjusted criminals shipped to secure interstellar stations, designed to solve the problem of Earth's overcrowded prisons.

Transport Prisons[]

Cougar Creek Railroad[]


You and the vultures overhead know what fate awaits once this train reaches the end of the line. If you plan to see another sunrise you'd better disembark by whatever means necessary.

H.M.S Orca[]


Prisoners are being shipped off in droves to a remote island far, far away from civilization. Not keen on being marooned, you'd much prefer to find a way off the boat before you stand about as much chance as a fish out of water.

Air Force Con[]


Fasten your seatbelts, cons! Only the most hardened of criminals get an entire plane during the escort phase. One thing's for sure though - it's a one-way-ticket, so you'd better act fast before landing.