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Raft Base
Raft Base.png
This is used to craft a Makeshift Raft.
ItemID: 187
Will be confiscated

The Raft Base is essential to escape HMP-Irongate because you need it to craft the Makeshift Raft.png Makeshift Raft, which lets you sail over the water, leading to your escape. It is not contraband on console.


Result Components INT
Raft Base.png Raft Base Balsa Wood.png Balsa Wood x2 + Length of Rope.png Length of Rope 80
Result As a component INT
Makeshift Raft.png Makeshift Raft Raft Base.png Raft Base + Sail.png Sail + Length of Rope.png Length of Rope 80


Interestingly, the raft is made from 2 Balsa Wood but in the image is made from 3.